Naseeruddin Shah Apologises for his Remark on Rajesh Khanna
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Naseeruddin Shah Apologises for his Remark on Rajesh Khanna

Twinkle Khanna lashes out at the actor again

After the recent Twitter backlash, Naseeruddin Shah apologised for his remark on Rajesh Khanna.

According to a report on India Today, the actor clarified that he didn’t mean to attack Rajesh Khanna. He apologized saying his intention was just to talk about a certain phase of Hindi Cinema.

Previously he had said that the 70’s was the time when mediocrity came in Hindi films and also when Rajesh Khanna joined the industry, who according to him was a “poor actor”.

This definitely didn’t go down well with late Rajesh Khanna‘s daughter, Twinkle Khanna. She took to twitter to express her displeasure and said “Sir if u can’t respect the living ,respect the dead-mediocrity is attacking a man who can’t respond.”

Naseeruddin’s apology too doesn’t seem to have made things better. Twinkle tweeted, “All due regard to Mr Shah’s reality, mine=a man who loved cinema& did films like Anand, AmarPrem, KatiPatang thank u folks for all the love.”

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