'Nargis Fakhri and I are Close Friends': Uday Chopra
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'Nargis Fakhri and I are Close Friends': Uday Chopra

Uday clears the air!

There were recent reports that Uday Chopra had allegedly broken up with Nargis Fakhri on Whastapp. There were rumours that Nargis left for the US leaving her producers in the lurch allegedly because of her heartbreak.

But Uday has now issued a statement on Twitter saying, “Normally I don’t respond to gossip, but the press has been reporting a lot of fiction disguised as fact. I would just like to clarify that Nargis and I have been and still are very close friends.”

He added, “Hey @NargisFakhri remember when I said I don’t respond to gossip. Well, I just broke that rule. Had to do it.”

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