Narcotic Supplier in Fardeen Khan 2011 Case Freed by Court
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Narcotic Supplier in Fardeen Khan 2011 Case Freed by Court

The duo who supplied to the actor were recently let off

The men who had famously supplied narcotics to Fardeen Khan in 2011 leading to his arrest and conviction in the case, have now been let off by the court due to lack of evidence. The accused, Nasir Shaikh and Tony Ghomes, were booked for supplying to the actor.

According to Hindustan Times, Shaikh was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) while he was selling to Khan outside an ATM on Juhu-Tara Road, Mumbai on May 5, 2011. Khan, too, was arrested and on the basis of his statement, Shaikh was booked. Shaikh, during questioning, had spilled the beans on Ghomes, being the main supplier. Khan was initially charged for attempting to purchase a small quantity of substance and was booked under Sec 21(a) (Punishment for contravention involving small quantity) and Sec 28(c) (attempt to commit an offence) of NDPS Act. The special court had granted the actor immunity from prosecution in February 2012 after he went through a de-addiction process.

However, the trial against the two peddlers was still being heard. The defence lawyers contended that the prosecution had failed to bring important witnesses before the court. The prosecution had only examined officers and investigating officers, who were part of the NCB at the time when the accused were arrested.

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