Naqab Zun: An Interesting Yet Heavy Plot
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Naqab Zun: An Interesting Yet Heavy Plot

In Hum TV’s Naqab Zun, the Saboor Aly-starrer focuses on the topic of sexual assault by a family member.

With social messages being somewhat of a trend (and a welcome one) these days and shows like Inkaar, Khaas and Surkh Chandni winning praise, it’s not surprising that Hum TV’s latest offering falls into the same category. Saboor Aly stars in the lead role in this drama with Ali Abbas playing the “male lead.” Ali Abbas plays the role of Saboor Aly’s brother-in-law and while he outwardly appears to be a “good” character, Ali Abbas is also playing the antagonist. This will be an interesting role for Ali Abbas and one is curious as to how he will pull it off. A story about sexual assault within the safety of one’s home and the attack being carried out by a trusted family member is the basis for “Naqab Zun.” While different in nature and story, one can’t help but remember Sajal Aly’s “Chup Raho” while watching this show.

Farhat (Hajra Yamin) is married to Aamir (Ali Abbas). A perfect son in law, Aamir is the star of Farhat’s family. However, Farhat’s own relationship with Aamir is strained due to Aamir’s dismissive nature. Aamir tends to be uninterested in his wife, affectionate towards her only in front of her family and quiet otherwise. Farhat’s sister Dua (Saboor Aly) is getting married and family members begin arriving at the house for the wedding festivities. The light of her family’s eyes, Dua is a cheerful, talkative girl and has a great relationship with her loved ones, including her Aamir Bhai, who treats her like his own daughter. Aamir set up Dua’s Rishta and on his recommendation, the family agreed. Tragedy strikes when, on Dua’s mehndi, Dua is raped by an unknown person. The family is unable to locate Dua, so her to-be in-laws leave the wedding believing that she has run away. Aamir finds Dua in the store room at the end of episode 1.

In episode 2, the family struggles with the aftermath of Dua’s rape. Dua is unable to process what has happened to her. She has flashbacks of what occurred, but cannot remember who the individual was, as she was chloroformed and attacked from behind. Dua is crushed when Aamir informs her that her in-laws came over and called off the marriage. Rahim, the son of Farhat and Aamir’s maid, is the target of Aamir’s wrath, insinuating in subtle ways that Rahim is untrustworthy, planting seeds of mistrust in Farhat’s mind – which will come into play later on. At the end of the episode, Dua’s younger sister finds something in the store room – something left behind by the attacker?

This episode depicts the depth of the bond between Aamir and Dua. Aamir is seen doing all that he can to support both his in-laws and Dua. And while this seems supportive and innocent in the moment, viewers are already aware that all is not what it seems. From the outlook, Aamir seems to be the doting brother in law and supportive son in law, but, is Aamir the attacker? His method of questioning Dua seems suspicious and the way in which he lays blame on Rahim for the simplest of things is projection – and the possibility of setting Rahim up for a crime he did not commit. If this is the case, this show is about to get very murky and intense with Dua, a rape victim, relying on the very man who attacked her. While the show is interesting, how it shapes up will depend on the pace and the depth of the content.

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By Sophia Qureshi
Pakistani Drama enthusiast, Bollywood fan, elementary school teacher, writer, reader, photographer, lifelong student and mother