Nana Patekar and Manisha Koirala

Nana Patekar and Manisha Koirala

The story behind Manisha and Nana's unusual relationship

'I love my men,' proclaimed Manisha Koirala once with pride. Notoriously famous for following her heart, Manisha has often shocked many with her romantic liaisons.
Her taste in men had no boundaries – she dated actors, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs and diplomats, old and young alike. But the most talked about and, according to her, the most sacred one was her relationship with a 20-year-older and married, Nana Patekar. Unlike other actors, Manisha and Nana never hid their relationship behind closed doors they were quite vocal about it.

The Affair Begins

Nana was a rage in the film industry in the 90s. Even though, he lacked in the looks department, he more than made up for it with his acting abilities and physique. "Nana had a sensuality and honesty that women just couldn't resist. While most heroes were equally vain about their looks and vanity, it was refreshing to have someone who was so masculine," an actress from the 90s recalls. Manisha, who was just out of a relationship with actor Vivek Mushran, met Nana on the sets of Agnisakshi. Manisha, like other actresses couldn't help falling for Nana's brooding charm and they started secretly dating during the making of the movie. However, their romance didn't remain a secret as unit members noticed them spending a lot of time with each other. Manisha's neighbours also happily informed anyone that Nana was also spotted leaving her house at the wee hours of dawn, regularly.

Next, they appeared together in Sanjay Leela Bhasali's Khamoshi, where they essayed the roles of father and daughter. By this time, the media had started hounding Manisha and Nana about their off-screen chemistry. The ever-honest Manisha finally accepted that Nana and she were together! Nana also saw no point in denying the relationship. Even though Nana was married, his wife wasn't living with him.

Nana's Infidelity

Both Nana and Manisha were famous for their volatile tempers and were caught arguing on many occasions. "Nana grew extremely possessive of Manisha while they were in a relationship. He would object if she wore revealing outfits or got intimate with her co-stars. This used to be a major bone of contention between them," informs an industry veteran. During the making of Yugpurush, Nana had a huge showdown with Manisha as he didn't approve of certain outfits that she was wearing. They even stopped talking to each other for a bit. This was also the period when Manisha openly started stating that even though she loves Nana, she doesn't know where the relationship is heading. She didn't hide the fact that Nana was equally perturbed about how uncertain he was about the relationship. Rocky patches came and went and Manisha's friends were surprised at how hard she was trying to keep the relationship going. "She was really in love with him and he loved her back. She was trying to deal with the problems he had with her exposing onscreen, what she couldn't deal with was his infidelity," says an industry insider. Hell broke loose when Manisha found Nana and Ayesha Jhulka in an embrace in a closed room. Despite being really angry at Nana, Ayesha was the first one Manisha yelled at. 'Get off my man, you bi**&' were apparently Manisha's exact words to Ayesha when she first saw them together. Ayesha and Nana, obviously, vehemently denied any romantic association. Nana was quite successful in getting Manisha to believe this too. However, the real reason they parted was Nana's refusal to marry Manisha. He made it clear to her that in no uncertain terms would he legally divorce his wife, Neelakanti. Manisha, who didn't want to bear the tag of 'another woman' forever, parted ways with him. In their later interviews, they never bad-mouthed each other and maintained that they were not meant to be. She eventually dated other men and Nana and Ayesha made their relationship official by living together.

Manisha is now married to Samrat Dahal, a Nepali businessman. There are rumours that she has filed for divorce. Nana, on the other hand, is single and allegedly, ready to mingle!

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