Nagarjuna: ‘Bigg Boss Controversies Died When I Came On as Host’

Nagarjuna: ‘Bigg Boss Controversies Died When I Came On as Host’

Nagarjuna says he is enjoying hosting the controversial reality show

One of  Telugu cinema’s most beloved actors, Nagarjuna is enjoying hosting the new season  of Bigg Boss in Telugu. Most successfully, I might add.  “I’ve to admit it has been a really gruelling year for  me. My last film, Manmadhudu 2 was my own production. So I had to look into everything personally. And hosting Bigg Boss is a lot of shooting hours. Luckily, the controversies  surrounding Bigg Boss in Telugu  have died down. “They  died once I made my appearance as the host. I am keenly following the moral journey of the contestants. It is interesting to see how some of them are becoming better human beings while others are show

Nagarjuna says he observes  the contestants only from the outside. “I can never in my life dream of being locked up with 11 other inmates for months. However as  a host I am getting a lot of insight into human nature. I don’t follow a pre-written script. I  speak spontaneously. I make sure the language is  parliamentarian.  As far as  the controversies are concerned, they  faded away  the  day I came on board. I guess the channel and  the public has  a certain faith in my image.”

Nag says he’s enjoying himself  thoroughly, though it is a time consuming job.  “And  it is  a responsibility, I have to weigh every word that I utter. But  the good thing is, I’ve been accepted as the Bigg Boss host. I am told the TRPs are better than ever. That’s a relief. When I ventured into this, I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like.”