Nadia Jamil’s Strength and Honesty On Display in “Rewind With Samina Peerzada”

Nadia Jamil’s Strength and Honesty On Display in “Rewind With Samina Peerzada”

Actress Nadia Jamil appeared on Samina Peerzada’s web show “Rewind With Samina Peerzada,” discussing her life’s strengths and difficulties
Nadia Jamil’s Strength and Honesty On Display in “Rewind With Samina Peerzada”
Nadia Jamil and Samina Peerzada

Samina Peerzada’s web show Rewind With Samina Peerzada is a hit with viewers.  The audience laps up these interviews that Samina conducts in her calm, dignified manner.  In the latest episode of Rewind With Samina Peerzada, the featured guest is Nadia Jamil.  A great actress, Nadia has featured in quality shows like Aur Zindagi Badalti Hai, The Ghost, Dhoop Mein Saawan, and more recently Mujhe Jeene Do.  She also starred with Fawad Khan in the Hum TV telefilm Behadd.  Sharing a great camaraderie with Samina Peerzada, the actresses shared screen space together in Durr E Shahwar, a show which is fondly remembered by drama fans and is considered a modern classic.  It’s no surprise then that this episode, which also marks the 100th episode of Peerzada’s show, has been a highly anticipated one.  Nadia made more than a few interesting revelations about her personal life on the show.

First, Nadia lets viewers in on her struggles with her health.  Suffering from epilepsy, Nadia recalls having an epileptic seizure on the sets of Behadd – and applauds the team for how well they handled the situation and took care of her.  Her health and need for peace led her to Cambridge, England, where she found peace in the solitude and in the shade of trees.  She further elaborates that due to her health and her children, she was never able to dedicate her world to her craft, rather she wanted to be there for her children and family and therefore only took up projects that pulled her in.  Throwing in an anecdote about how she developed an interest in acting, Nadia mentions meeting Yash Chopra during the release of Veer Zaara and this set her upon a path to professional acting.  Her upcoming project, Damsa, has been produced by Wajahat Rauf and is reportedly centered around child abuse – a topic that Nadia feels strongly about.

Nadia opens up about the abuse she faced as a child when her family driver molested her.  This was an impacting moment in her life, as after this, she felt as though she could not trust anyone – most of all, herself – and would constantly have moments where she felt she was waiting for someone else to protect her.  Haunted by vision-like dreams where an older Nadia consoled a younger Nadia, she began speaking out about the abuse after the news broke out regarding Kasur.  She wanted people to understand that this was not her shame, as it’s not her fault.  Nadia states that her passion for protecting children and assisting them in succeeding stems from her childhood trauma and the fact that she did not want to be seen as a victim, but as a survivor.  As an outlet, Nadia began boxing to vent out her anger and boxing went on to become an avenue for discipline.

Some more light-hearted revelations included in the show were those related to Nadia’s acting career.  Discussing Durr-E-Shahwar, Nadia talks about how she learned a lot from her character, Shandana, about marriage, relationships and how to make them work.  She loved Shandana’s journey from a naïve daughter to a grown woman learning from her mother’s life experiences, something most drama fans would agree with.  Nadia also shares a funny bit of information, stating that she often complains to Hamayun Saeed that no one has ever hit on her or Sania Saeed in the industry, not knowing whether to be happy about this. 

After shooting the episode, Nadia came home to discover that Fair and Lovely are the sponsors for the show.  Seeing this, Nadia Jamil took to social media to make her stance on the brand clear, choosing to distance herself from it. 

Nadia wrote “Although I have a deep respect for Samina Peerzada and love her a lot, I want to publicly distance myself from the heinously racist and demoralizing brand Fair and Lovely.  I had no idea they sponsor the interview I have recorded.  Until right now.”

She was not aware who the sponsors were for the show until she saw the Fair and Lovely label on the promotional stills for her episode.

She continues “I cannot and do not endorse the need for ANY woman to lighten her skin to look more attractive.  A woman’s dark skin is her beauty.  She should wear it with extreme pride and love!  Yes, us women come in different colours, shapes, sizes and personas.  Deal with it world, respect them all please.”

Unapologetic towards her stance, Nadia further elaborates “Stop telling us and making money off brainwashing the planet as to what our standard for beauty needs to be.  We all are beautiful.  Racism should not be endorsed.  Body shaming should not be endorsed.”

While Nadia’s episode has gained a substantial number of views and her interview has commanded respect with praise coming in from all corners, Nadia earned respect from her audience.  Her words in the episode not only won over hearts and brought viewers to tears, but her honesty and unapologetic nature towards the Fair and Lovely sponsorship won over readers with her Facebook post.  It’s great to see an artist stand up for what they believe in and Nadia Jamil has proved that she’s not only a great actress, but also a great human being with a good heart.