'My Kids Warned Me Not To Take Him Back': Telly Actress Deepshikha on Her Ex Husband
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'My Kids Warned Me Not To Take Him Back': Telly Actress Deepshikha on Her Ex Husband

The TV actress retaliates with her version against Kaishav Arora's accusations

The break-up season isn't over yet, as another television celebrity couple join the ranks of all those couples who've headed towards splitsville! Television actress Deepshikha Nagpal's second divorce to Kaishav Arora, whom she had married after divorcing first husband Jeet Upendra, takes an ugly turn. Speaking to SpotboyE, the actress reveals more about her bad marriage and the allegations made by ex-husband Kaishav. 

"He was cheating on me. I wanted him out. I don’t want to be with a man who doesn’t take the responsibility of his family," she offers as the resaon for them parting ways. "I saw several messages on his mobile phone, which were stark enough to say that he was having an extra-marital affair. Don’t be surprised if he is already looking out for a new bakra. He is a sick, psycho, manipulative man. He also has an abusive personality; I couldn’t take that."

"My kids had warned me not to take him back. I had thrown him out of my house. But he came back in June and I didn’t listen to my children." Regreting her decision to give him one more chance, she says, "He had not changed. I am an idiot. My kids are so smart. I have troubled them enough by having such a man in my life, I pray to God that he doesn’t make life hell for any other woman like he did to me."

The actress says about filing a police complaint again him a few days back, "On March 8, two weeks after we had divorced, he came to my house and spoke something very derogatory things about my son. And he hit me as well. Did I do any wrong by going to the cops? I was an idiot that I fell in love with an ass***e like Kaishav. I regret that I wasted eight years of my life with such a man. It was sheer stupidity on my part, and I never want to commit such stupidity again.



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