"My Daughter has Changed My Life Completely": Sunny Leone

"My Daughter has Changed My Life Completely": Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone talks about how her husband Daniel Weber stood with her at every step during the adoption process of their daughter.
"My Daughter has Changed My Life Completely": Sunny Leone

How do you balance as a mother and an actress now?

We are hands-on parents. Nisha goes to school, comes back and has her meals and then takes a nap. That's when I go out for my work. I feel we have 21 months of her life and nine months before. So it's a long time to miss a journey in one's life.  We drop her to school and pick her up every day. We want to spend as much time as we can  with her now.

How much has life has changed after the baby in your life?

We wanted to have a family and we are blessed.  She is the best thing that happened to us.

How strong and vulnerable are you as a mother?

Vulnerable at this moment not so much. Whatever she does it's my job to do things for her. Everything is under our duty now to feed her and take care of her. When she grows up maybe I will be more vulnerable as she will demand to go out with friends.

Did you always wanted to adopt a child?

I wanted to adopt a child. I used to visit the St. Catherines home and I loved that place. I came to know that they take babies off streets, HIV affected children and take care of them and give them education. I always wanted to adopt a baby and I casually asked Daniel and he said yes immediately.  I was surprised. I wanted a partner who will be on the same page. Sometimes partners don't agree on everything. Fortunately I  have met a partner who agrees and we are in the same page.

Was it a conscious decision to have a girl?

Daniel wanted a little girl. His father always used to say that Weber guys cannot have Weber girls. His family has a lot of boys. We wanted a little girl in the family.  I just have my brother and he is very happy.

What made you pick her up?

We got  a lot of photos with medical records of children.  When you go in for adoption they show you a lot of photographs and ask you to choose.  They give you all the details of the baby but if you say no the file immediately goes to the bottom of these files and they won't consider you next time.  I was in love with Nisha the moment I met her and it was tough period for me till I got the adoption papers. It was an emotional bonding from the moment we saw each other. I cried for a week. That feeling she is yours it was her first birthday.  She is naughty and big personality. Every mother says that her girl is  beautiful. For me she is a beautiful child. From that moment to the moment we got her home it was an emotional journey for me. Her first birthday was very emotional.

What was her first reaction when she came home?

She has never seen the camera. The first time she saw camera, a big TV, big house  she was in awe.  She only knew survival skills. They did a beautiful job of giving her  a lot of love. She used to call me Aai  (Mother in Marathi) as that was what she was taught there. She didn't know the meaning.  I am not in a rush to change all that for now. She is just absorbing everything at the moment but will learn slowly. She has learnt that we are her parents now.

Do you feel that Karmic Connection?

I have some karmic connection with her. Everyone takes time to get attached to some person. But we were simply made for each other.

Do you pamper her with gifts when you go home?

She gets presents every day. She knows when there's a package it's for her. She took time to realise that we are her parents.  She had never got a book or toy for herself as she was taught to share. Here everything belongs to her.  She will take time to realise all that as she grows. She took a month to show her affection. To understand we are her parents.   She is not a reflection of me at the moment but later on she will be a reflection of me.

Who is stricter between the two of you?    

I am the strict one between the two of us. Daniel pampers her a little. But I want her to learn certain  discipline in life and I will impart all that  my parents have taught me. 

Do you plan to tell her where she comes from?

I have shot videos and  kept books about her details  and her clothes and show where we got her from.  As she grows up I want to slowly tell her where she comes from. I will take her to St. Catherine’s home and give away some clothes that she doesn't use anymore for other children.  She has to know where she came from. It will be difficult and emotional for her but she has to know that. She will know she is from my heart.  She should know that her parents didn't leave her on the streets but took her to a safe place.

Do you finally feel that Bollywood has welcomed you?

Absolutely I am blessed and pleased and wished I had more hours in a day to do more work. I feel very thankful. I have come to realisation that this is my home and Los Angeles is a vacation home.

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