Muslim Woman Comes to Jewish Family’s Defense, Watch Video Here

Muslim Woman Comes to Jewish Family’s Defense, Watch Video Here

Muslim woman was seen taking a stand against a Jewish family, when an attacker started hurling hurtful comments at the latter

Time and time again, we hear of racist attacks towards people of all religions. The victims of attacks often listen in silence and only sometimes, there’s a kind person nearby who stands up against the attacker. This time around, a Muslim woman stood up for a Jewish family upon seeing them being attacked by a passenger on the subway. A video shared by filmmaker Chris Atkins shows the incident as it was unfolding. In a clip, a man is seen passing rude comments to a man and his son – who looks like he is 8 years of age.

Chris tweeted, “Around noon I witnessed appalling anti-semitic abuse towards this Jewish Family on the northern line. Fair play to other passengers who stood up to him. If you recognise the guy please report to UK Police.” The video showed the man accusing the family, especially the young boy, of being responsible for slave trade and an imposter. Another man on the subway confronted the attacker to which the attacker responded, “Get out of my face. I will smack you right in your nose.” The attacker further threatened the man and passed hurtful comments. It was then when a Muslim woman donning a hijab stepped in to the Jewish family’s defense. She spoke to the attacker very calmly to try to make him understand that what he was doing wasn’t right.

Chris, while speaking to Sky News, revealed that it was very brave of the woman to stand up to the attacker. He added that the man and the boy seen in the video were accompanied by another child and a woman, but were not seen in the video. Chris concluded, “It was unbelievable that it was against children. The boy was terrified. It was so odd to see someone be so horrible and brazen. The dad was cool and calm and shrugged it off. He behaved commendably. I'm not sure I could have stayed so calm.” The British Transport Police have been informed of the incident and are currently investigating the matter.

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