Music of Dostana

A fun, urban soundtrack that's easy on the ears
Music of Dostana

Yup, there's no question about the "orientation" of this soundtrack. It's all straight-up "feel-good" music. There's a distinct lightness to the album's footwork, making it easy on the ears, while Vishal-Shekhar do a stand-up job of keeping the sound, urban, and the compositions, effective.

Jaane Kyun has a "be-bop" beat pattern with percussive piano work, which is quite catchy and comparatively rare in Bollywood music. Vishal Dadlani takes the singing lead, in a very different performance from his previous rock vocals in Tashan.

Desi Girl is basically a new avatar of "Pretty Woman", especially with Shankar behind the mic, and the blend of club beats and dhol. It's on its way to omnipresence, thanks to the promos with Priyanka in all her gorgeousness.

Maa Da Laadla is rendered by Saleem (Maula Mere – Chak De India) and has an interesting energy pattern, especially with the combination of authentic Punjabi vocals with club beats in the background. While this may sound trite to many, especially now with Singh being Kingg, there's a comedic uniqueness to this song, which may reveal itself better, post-release. It has serious capabilities of heating up dancefloors in the coming months.

Ever since Abhishek said "let's bounce" during his cameo in Dhoom, the word has made its way into Bollywood. The chorus of "Shut Up and Bounce" sounds a lot like historic Enrique Iglesias track, Bailamos, and the track has a lot of '70s disco influences.

The softer track, Khabar Nahi embodies the true arrival of Vishal Dadlani as a singer. The song also has Sa Re Ga Ma find, Amanat Ali, adding some creative vocal input to the track with his classical "Maula" chorus, as does Shreya with a mellifluous verse. Kuch Kum features one of Shaan's most credible vocal performances in recent times.

Balance Sheet: End-to-end, quite like any Karan Johar film, this album works as quickly as a well-scripted sit-com, and doesn't leave you with a moment of tedium. While the main tracks add plenty of "masala" to the mix, the two softer tracks (Khabar and Kuch Kum) are exceptional. Whether this album was made to last, or made to offer sufficient support to the success of a light-hearted flick, needs yet to be seen. All-in-all, Dostana tops up a successful 2008 run for Vishal-Shekhar who have delivered some first-rate work, this year.