Muneeb Butt Says He Can’t Work with Minal Khan
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Muneeb Butt Says He Can’t Work with Minal Khan

Muneeb Butt says he can’t work with Minal Khan and picked his co-star Ramsha Khan when given three alternatives

Entertainer Muneeb Butt shared that he can't work with Minal Khan in a dramatization when he showed up on Waseem Badami’s show, Har Lamha Purjosh. reported a foreign media outlet. At the point when asked by the host about which on-screen character he is bound to work with on the off chance that he has to replace his better half Aiman Khan in a show, Butt said “I can never work with Minal because people won’t be able to differentiate if it’s Aiman or Minal.” He included that it will be an unbalanced circumstance so that is out of inquiry at any rate. 

The Kaisa Hain Naseeban on-screen character picked his co-star Ramsha Khan when given three alternatives and said he would prefer to work with her as she's a decent companion of Aiman. The on-screen character explained that his wedding which had eight functions was amazing because of a reason. It was the first wedding in Aiman’s family and last in mine so we were really excited about it.”

Butt said he was traveling in Europe and was absolutely stunned when individuals censured him superfluously for posting about 'say no to dowry’ as part of a campaign he pursued himself. “I didn’t take dowry from Aiman’s parents, it’s an added burden on a girl’s family,” he said. His ongoing appearances in dramatizations incorporate Koi Chand Rakh and Kaisa Hai Naseeban on ARY Digital.

Kaisa Hai Naseeban is a 2019 Pakistani television series, produced by Abdullah Seja under their banner Idreams Entertainment. The drama is aired weekly on ARY Digital. It stars Muneeb Butt and Ramsha Khan. It is based on the concept and rituals of dowry system and marital abuse prevailing in the Pakistani society. The serial is the highest rated serial in the history of Pakistani television with a rating of 20.87. The series was earlier titled Mangharat but the makers changed it to Kaisa Hai Naseeban.

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