Mumbai Police Take Action Against Photographers Clicking Taimur Ali Khan
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Mumbai Police Take Action Against Photographers Clicking Taimur Ali Khan

There seems to be no end to the controversy of the stalking of Taimur Ali Khan by the paparazzi

Taimur Ali Khan is a favourite with the paparazzi and he is clicked every time he is spotted out and about, be it with his family or his nanny. However, time and again, some sane voices in the media as well as his family, have raised concerns about the unhealthy stalking of the little one by the paps. Now, it appears that the issue of constantly hounding and stalking Taimur Ali Khan for a picture is slowly turning into an ugly controversy. The Mumbai Police on Sunday intervened and directed the photographers to vacate the spot (which is a public footpath) where they gather to photograph Taimur.

The photographers had gathered in front of Saif Ali Khan's house for a picture of Taimur as usual. But they were in for a surprise when a police team came onto the spot and asked all of them to disperse. The photographers quietly went away as at least a team of five policemen arrived from the Khar and Bandra police station and asked all of them to leave the spot.

Earlier, it was reported about how Saif Ali Khan snapped at the paparazzi who were constantly exposing their camera flashbulbs at him while clicking pictures. The Sacred Games star requested them to restrain themselves because he said that so much exposure to flashbulbs would harm a child's eyes. Similarly, same sentiments were echoed by Saif's sister Soha Ali Khan too when she asked photographers to stop using the flashbulbs into the eyes of little Inaaya, her daughter.

Meanwhile, Saif Ali Khan denied that he had lodged a complaint at the police station against the paparazzi and remarked further that he doesn't deny the possibility that one of his neighbours might have lodged the complaint. "I did not initiate any police complaint against the photographers. Kareena and I live in a respectful residential area and are a part of the larger community, thereby we do also have a responsibility to emotionally support our neighbours when they feel a disturbance to them is being caused and to be fair, their sentiments are understandable," India Today quoted Saif Ali Khan as saying.

He added, "We have always shared a very respectful relationship with the paparazzi as we understand that this is their livelihood. However, it's important for us to understand that kids should enjoy the basic right of growing up in a normal atmosphere out of and away from constant media glare.

Saif Ali Khan then -- for the first time -- asserted that he had the right not to pose in front of a cameraperson. He strongly asserted that Taimur should not be put through the same grind of media attention that he or Kareena is subjected to. "I believe I am well within my right as a father to choose to not pose for the cameras when I have my son with me or to inform photographers that the constant flashes can hurt his eyes. As media figures, we have to live with the attention and we accept that. But our kids shouldn't be subjected to it."

It seems that the issue of clicking Taimur Ali Khan is slowly snowballing into a major controversy and by all means, the paparazzi needs to be checked for the sake of the child.

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