'Mulk' Trailer Review: Is there Anything Rishi Kapoor Can't Do?
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'Mulk' Trailer Review: Is there Anything Rishi Kapoor Can't Do?

The trailer of the Rishi Kapoor-Taapsee Pannu starrer 'Mulk' hides nothing

The trailer of  Anubhav Sinha’s Mulk is  unlike anything he  has done before. Its lack of ‘political correctness’ (defending the Indian Muslim’s right to  peaceful co-existence  is almost considered  indefensible  these days)  is so apt, and the theme –of a Muslim family being hounded after the son is accused of terrorism — is so relevant to today’s times, we wonder how no one  thought of doing this before.

The trailer of Mulk hides nothing.  It lays out all the cards on the table with a heart-numbing scrupulosity. We know from the trailer that Praetik Babbar (who is gradually emerging with a screen image as  the rebellious over-aged delinquent)   is the son  of a Muslim family who stands accused of terror activities.

The narrative in the sharply cut trailer spans a traumatic arc showing the accused’s family being hounded and vilified as Pakistani anti-nationals. It’s a  well-known narrative, the other side  of  the Hindutva refrain. The narrative is then shown shifting focus from  the  domestic to the legal. A courtroom drama ensues with Tapsee Pannu and Ashutosh Rana battling it out for and against the terror-accused.

What stands out for me  in this harrowing tale of a  community under scrutiny for  the trespasses  of a few  members  of that community, is a  shot showing  the Muslim patriarch walking with dignity while  a cow saunters  behind him.

The casualness of the comment that the shot makes is something to hold  on to.

The trailer shows a cast hell-bent on delivering the  right  blueprint  for  a film where the  drama is  not dependent the director’s derring do. Clearly  Mulk  belongs to Rishi Kapoor. As he blends into his character once again. I wondered  if  there is anything Rishi can’t do.

Watch the trailer here!


Mulk will release in the UAE on August 2

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