'Mr Bachchan is fun'

'Mr Bachchan is fun'

She may be new to B'wood, but Miss Sri Lanka Jacqueline Fernandes knows exactly what to say!
'Mr Bachchan is fun'

She's already set a record as the first Sri Lankan beauty queen in Bollywood. And she's making her Bolly debut in a film starring none other than Amitabh Bachchan! Look out for the sexy and savvy Jacqueline Fernandes. She may just emerge as the hottest Gen Y heroine.

How did you feel about coming to Bollywood?
Before I came into Bollywood a lot of people told me it's a corrupt industry and you need a godfather to survive in it. Nothing's really happened to me. I think no one can force you to do things you don't want to. It all comes down to how you conduct your own self.

What was your first day on the sets of Aladin like?
I was nervous. I think no matter how many times you have been there and done that in front of the camera, you still have those first-day butterflies every time.

How did you react when you met Amitabh?
It was great meeting a legend like Mr Bachchan. I was in a state of awe. It's quite a crazy feeling when you meet an icon. But once you know him he is like any normal person, but with a heart of gold. He is very energetic and fun.

Do you think Sanjay is evil enough for his role as ringmaster?
I don't know about how evil he is in real life, but Sanjay is a fantastic actor and manages to pull off any character. He has done something really extraordinary as the ringmaster, as you'll see.