Movie Review: Ungli

Despite its strong message, Ungli fails to leave an impact, says City1016's Lokesh Dharmani
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Movie Review: Ungli
A still from Ungli

Emraan Hashmi

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STARRING: Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranut, Randeep Hooda, Sanjay Dutt, Neha Dhupia
DIRECTOR: Rensil D'Silva
RATING: 2.5 stars

So what’s the difference between corruption in real life and corruption in Hindi films? In Hindi films, it takes a Kangana Ranaut and her perfect figure, a kissing Emraan Hashmi, a stud Randeep Hooda and a Shraddha Kapoor in a guest appearance, also known as an item number, to deal with the problem. And in real life, we have just an Arvind Kejriwal, his muffler and his incessant coughing.

Ungli is the youth’s take on corruption because films like Jai Ho, Youngistaan and Fugly were really not enough.

Four friends (Randeep Hooda, Neil Bhoopalam, Angad Bedi and Kangana Ranaut) come together to fight corruption by taking the law into their hands. Each one of them has an important role to play --- Neil is the voice of logic, Angad loses temper as though he was in Bigg Boss, Randeep Hooda gives tough looks and Kangana (believe it or burp) supplies sedatives to all their projects because she plays a...(ummm…) medical intern!  

And you might think these four are cleaning up the system because they love the country and fellow countrymen. Errr... far from it! It’s all personal.

Kangana Ranaut’s brother is in coma as he was beaten up by a businessman’s son. The businessman is an influential person as he stacks Mumbai police’s black money. Now it makes perfect sense for the Ungli gang to first and foremost deal with the businessman and expose his corrupt ways, right? Wrong. This is a Hindi film. We will save this for the (not-so) grand climax and in between pack in a few more cases, corrupt policemen, auto drivers and a few politicians.

Then there are Emraan Hashmi and Sanjay Dutt playing policemen; one of them increases the kinky quotient of Mumbai Police and the other adds unintentional humour to the film. You can’t keep a serious face when Sanjay Dutt preaches about law and order. He says in all seriousness, "kanoon se badh kar kuch nahi hain". And one ends up laughing out loud at the ironic casting of the film.

The first half of the movie is well paced and tight. It loses both speed and logic in the second half.

The performances are decent. Randeep-Murder-98-Jism-62-and-Jannat-83-Hooda manages to leave an impact even without taking his shirt off.

Emraan Hashmi kisses yet again (in a very forced, contrived kissing scene ever). It will take a role of a Bhishm Pitamah to abstain him from such scenes.  

Kangana Ranaut doesn't have much to do and looks evidently bored. Like Neha Dhupia has a bigger better role than her.

Ungli deals with corruption in a very simplistic, superficial way. It never reaches out to the root of the problem, is quick to judge the poor Pandu hawaldaar or the auto drivers on the road and is quicker to punish them. It would be better if they dealt with what caused corruption than ways to deal with it. It even ends abruptly with no concrete message.

Ungli is not as bad as O Teri or Fugly, but not even close to the best corruption movie of all times --- Rang De Basanti. If RDB led to an awakening, Ungli does just the opposite. It put me to sleep.


Watch it if you have a free ticket or else wait for its DVD to come out. 



5 stars: Loved it. (This could make to top ten movies you must watch before you die!) 
4 stars: Liked it. Recommend it. (This will help you sound intellectual and give you stuff to add at water cooler conversations.)
3 stars: Didn’t hurt. Watch it once. 
2 stars: It put me to sleep. Watch it if you are an insomniac or a newly wedded couple. Winks!
1 star: Do I even need to explain this?