MOVIE REVIEW: Munna Michael
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MOVIE REVIEW: Munna Michael

Lokesh Dharmani gives his verdict on Tiger Shroff's Munna Michael

Director- Sabbir Khan 

Starring- A wax model, a tiny waist line and One Man Acting Workshop

Rating- 5 Panadols.

Starring- A wax model, a tiny waist line and One Man Acting Workshop

Ronit Roy plays Michael. He finds an abandoned baby boy on the road, brings him home and calls him Munna. The baby is then called Munna Michael. It is this creative thinking that lends this movie a special edge. The film abounds with such gems. Like the dance reality show is called Dancing Star and wait for this one, an airline is called Just Fly. By the way if you haven’t yet figured out, you are reading this review on a screen. You have eyes. And you are alive. Captain Obvious Zindabad!!

So Munna Michael grows up to become his own wax model - Munna Mombatti. He loves his father so much that he leaves his ailing papa in Mumbai and goes to Delhi. Such love, I choked on my popcorn. What’s wrong with Papa, we have no clue. Anyway Munna Mombatti becomes BFFs with the One Man Acting Institute Mahinder played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who wants to be a dancer so that he can impress a girl he loves. Why does he love her? Because she has blow-dried hair. That’s it. No questions asked, Mombatti becomes Acting Institute’s dance instructor, his wingman and his personal DHL service, delivering gifts to blow-dried hair. Blow-dried hair is not even once asked if she is interested or not. She shouldn’t be, because Lipstick under My Burkha is running in the next theatre.

Blow Dried Hair has her own struggles. She has a papa who disapproves her dancing. Yeah there are just too many pappas here man, don’t even ask. Though we never get to see Blow-dried Hair’s father but we must believe that he exists, like how we believe that the film has a plot and that the lead pair can act.

Blow Dried Hair falls in love with Munna Mombatti. Shit comes crashing down as Acting Institute finds out about their affair. His face becomes the Times Square of different billboards flashing such range of emotions; anger, betrayal, menace. Oh ho, short of shoving down his NSD degree our throats, Nawaz does everything to establish how upset he is.

We also switch cities from Mumbai to Delhi and back with a brochure song in Jordan. Brown Landscapes? YES! Hero wears a white shirt? YES!! Heroine wears a long red dress. HELL YESS!!!!

Oh also, there is some dance competition in the background, the judge of which, Farah Khan mouths WOWWWWW with such fake enthusiasm that Nepotism feels like a real problem. To Varun, Saif and Karan at least.

Tiger Shroff is earnest, dances well but needs to break his fixed deposit with Sabbir Khan that’s lending him no returns at all. He has done four films so far, three of which come from the same director who has depth of a saucer.

Ronit Roy hams as a Catholic father, like all Catholic characters in Hindi films. He drinks and forces an English word in a sentence to justify the cross he wears; aaiye, miliye mere SON se…tu ja apne DREAMS ko poora kar. Burp!

I feel sorry for the newcomer Nidhhi Agerwal who gets such a shabby film to start her career with.

What’s frustrating is Nawazuddin’s presence in such insipid films. It’s like directors use him to justify the mediocrity they churn out in name of movies. After Freaky Ali, Te3n and Raees, Munna Michael shows once again how we let one of the finest actors of our country down, by making him ham time and again to gain a few stupid laughs.

Dear Nawaz, you don’t need to prove you are a great actor. You just need to choose wise buddy.

After this ordeal, I want to bleach my eyes, my system with some good movies. Any suggestion guys? 

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