Movie Review: Ki And Ka
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Movie Review: Ki And Ka

Is R Balki's new film on gender roles reversal make for an interesting watch? Over to City 1016's Lokesh Dharmani

STARRING: Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Swaroop Sampath, Rajit Kapoor
RATING: 2 stars

Of Ka, Ki and oh so ‘kan’trived.

Money is one of the reasons that causes gender inequality. Since women don’t go out to earn, their efforts to make a home, run a family and raise kids are often forgotten and taken for granted. We forget they do a job as well, round the clock, round the year, unpaid and sometimes unappreciated. Ki And Ka addresses the same thought in the climax where a mother minces no words and points out the sad power game as is.

Alas, the film takes so long to make this point that I actually saw Arjun Kapoor’s beard grow in real time.

The film tries so hard to be funny that it shows, hence fails to tickle. Secondly, the issue of gender equality takes a backseat. And in this confused attempt to address the issue, the film furiously judges everyone in sight. Kabir is a house husband who doesn’t want to be part of the official rat race and hence paints all corporate officials as corporate robots. He ridicules his wife’s passion for work as her attempt to prove that she is better than men. He thinks he is paying her a compliment. YOU’RE NOT. She works not because she is proving a point. She works because it’s an individual choice, something that ‘should’ have been the focus of the film.

Kabir’s progressive ways land him a meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Bachchan that leaves the lady all impressed. Amitabh makes a face and cracks one of those sexist sad husband jokes that’s meant to be funny and totally defeats the purpose of this film.

Kabir also feels the need to call Kia to tell her that he is really manly and tells her a) he is not gay, b) likes whiskey and women (in the same breath) and c) that he hates pink. And that makes complete sense because men who like pink and avoid whiskey are not real men. In fact, if that was not enough we also have a scene where Kabir beats roadside Romeos and earns brownie points with his wife. Wait, last I checked the film was trying to challenge stereotypes, not fuel them further.

Ki And Ka suffers from lazy, confused, amateur writing. There is out-of-character behavior and illogical scenes inserted in the name of feminism. Sample this: The husband accuses the wife of adultery when she gets busy with an American marketing big shot at a corporate do. She shouts and screams and even slaps him. And then they do exactly what a couple in such heightened emotions must do: make love!

My problems: Kabir is a sensitive guy. Feeling jealous is human but to comment on his wife’s character is indeed out of character behaviour for him. And slapping one’s husband is ALSO domestic violence. It’s not funny, so stop it already.

Then there are some serious problems: coughing up a huge amount to buy an expensive property. The solution is pretty effective too; train a few unfit ladies in the buildings. Wow, I want to be a trainer now. The irony was that Kabir, who trained the ladies, seemed the most unfit of all.

The performances are as superficial as the writing. Everyone is ‘acting’.

Also, I want to watch a film where the NGO mahila is not wearing oxidised jewellery and shots of Dubai don’t have that belly-dancer-background-music.

I give it two stars for exactly two themes that make sense. One that women do as much work at home and are hence no less. Second that money leads to inequality. So I request all the men reading the review to not just appreciate the women in your life but share your salary with them. Open an account in their names, let them have their credit card and financial independence and mean gender equality and make the required difference.


5 stars: Loved it. (This could make to top ten movies you must watch before you die!) 
4 stars: Liked it. Recommend it. (This will help you sound intellectual and give you stuff to add at water cooler conversations.)
3 stars: Didn’t hurt. Watch it once. 
2 stars: It put me to sleep. Watch it if you are an insomniac or a newly wedded couple. Winks!
1 star: Do I even need to explain this?


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