Movie Review: Judwaa 2

Has the Varun Dhawan starrer lived up to the expectations? Here is the verdict
Movie Review: Judwaa 2

Varun Dhawan


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Director- David Dhawan 

Starring - Varun Dhawan, Taapsee Pannu and Jacqueline Fernandez

Rating: The emoji says it all! 


Judwaa 2 introduces the millennial to a gem from the ‘90s. Amid crazy pointless debates of feminism and empowerment, we must revisit these gems from yesteryears so that we can remind our current generations that it's ok, it's completely alright to slap a woman's butt, kiss her forcibly and joke about how we would grab them; 'Airhostesses, *sleazyLaugh* pakad lenge inko…' says Nandu to Raja who is busy harassing charming two fellow female passengers on the flight.   

Millennial must learn that eve-teasing, molesting and racism are not issues as long as we joke about them. They are meant to be funny and never taken seriously. So what if humour is a powerful weapon that creates a culture that nurtures and normalises rape and crime against women? That is not important. Fun in films is. So the next time you see a bunch of dark men take a cue from Raja who calls them a team of West Indians, just go… hahaha. So funny!

Judwaa 2 is also an incredible film on how we pick an old flick and package it keeping young people in mind. For instance, the characters no longer have vague professions with vague addresses. They are students who look like Benetton models. These students have borrowed Amitabh’s house from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and converted it into a college. So clever! The setting is no longer those dirty desi streets. We are now in England. How else do we justify Jacqueline Fernandez’s accent? But she is from Sri Lanka. Shut up, millennials must learn not to reason out anything as long as we throw Big Ben and London Eyes in the background, ‘coz hey nothing is more Gen X than phoren locations.

Judwaa 2 is also your guide for dummies in writing fun lines for a film. The hard work is evident. It takes a great deal of labour to go through whatsapp jokes and string them into dialogues. Raja cracks the famous ‘Afghanistan ki capital- Kabool kabool Kabul joke’ and someone at some point wonders who the man of the match will be in a women’s sports team. Plagiarism is overrated as long as it’s anonymous, we all must remember!

Varun Dhawan smartly differentiates the two characters he plays with a tank top and a sweater, with a bandana and a pair of spectacles. And despite such differences, there is something that binds them together; the ability to abandon their shirt at a drop of a hat, a gentle reminder to young people on how your abs must express more than your face.

Jacqueline is fabulous in the film too. She is so real. Just like her instagram posts; same clothes, same shoes, same giggles.

Tapsee Pannu takes a canny cue from her last year’s Pink. She gives a ‘no means no’ look to college bullies as they rag Prem on his first day at the university. See, experience always helps! 

If you are still confused, let me simplify it to you. Picture this.

An old man on a wheelchair has an oxygen mask. Raja feels choked and gasps for breath. He snatches the poor man’s mask and helps himself. The old man starts jumping in his seat. If you did not find that funny, stay away from Judwaa 2. If you found that hilarious, then consult a doctor.