Move over Marvel, as Bollywood is set for its own superhero universe

Move over Marvel, as Bollywood is set for its own superhero universe

Filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar confirms Mr India will be a part of the interconnected fantasy films

It’s good news for fans of Bollywood who have long awaited their own superhero universe, as filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar confirms he is in the process of developing one. Speaking to the Mumbai Mirror, the Bharat filmmaker said he will be kicking off the film series with Katrina Kaif’s new film, in which she will playing the lead role. This will be followed by his upcoming, controversial Mr India film series. 

Zafar faced backlash on Twitter back in February when he announced the new Mr India trilogy to fans. Shekhar Kapur, creator of the 1987 action film Mr India, slammed Ali for remaking the movie without permission.

Breaking his silence on the controversy, Ali told the Mumbai Mirror, “It’s a completely new film, we are just calling it Mr India. My film is essentially about the common man fighting a mighty villain, but done in a cool, hip way, using science and technology and being relevant to today’s social scenario.”

He went on to discuss the superhero universe in which the films will exist, “I am creating a superhero universe, beginning with Katrina’s film. We then move to Mr India, which will carry forward bits from Katrina’s film, and we are developing two more characters. My third superhero is rooted in Indian mythology and the fourth comes from the Indian army.”

While there have been rumors circulating on who will play Mr India, Ali said the casting has not yet begun and will only commence once the script has been finished.
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