Money Heist Season 4 Review: When Love and Emotions Come into Play
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Money Heist Season 4 Review: When Love and Emotions Come into Play

Money Heist Season 4 Review: The new season continues right from where we left it says die-hard fan Brinda Hora

In December 2017, a Spanish crime drama series took over our free time and late night spots as Money Heist (Spanish: La Case de Papel) launched on NetFlix. It was a series that set the tone for all social conversations as we discussed the plot of a well-executed robbery with eight people that were trained over time for the best and worst scenarios. They were strangers to each other with alias names based on cities like Rio, Berlin, Nairobi, Helsinki, Oslo, Denver, Moscow and Tokyo, and yet a team that was trained to have each other’s back. The heist portrayed a mix of emotions, interpersonal dramas and most importantly, the skills of a brain that executed it all – that of  a character named The Professor or Sergio, his real name. As the episodes revealed the story over three seasons, it also unfolded a love story between the mastermind Professor and Raquel (later known as Lisbon), who was all out to catch him but later became one of them.

Fast forward to 3 April 2020; Season 4 has been launched and it takes the story to the next level with the same curiosity it held over the previous seasons. Aren’t we all excited to find out what happens to Nairobi after the teddy bear shootout or did the Professor move away from the original plan after the staged death of Lisbon? What happens to Rio and Tokyo’s relationship if there is any left? Does Denver lose his cool on Arturo as he returns to be a hostage in the Bank of Spain? Who’s going to stay a friend and who’s going to be in charge next?

Our verdict as we dive into the series is that the story continues right from where we left it. No surprises or twists for now but it further reveals the betrayers amongst them, with renewed friends they can trust. It’s like old times, someone is tied up and someone is let lose. This story sways from current life-threatening situations (narrated by Tokyo) to happy old memories of each one of the team members, including the Professor. The one thing worth highlighting in all of this is that the main story is out, the act is done and now it is time to see how it ends, for each one of them and the Professor. Will they come out alive or will it be their end? Who will spend the rest of their lives with whom or will the loved ones be lost or separated?

The bigger question as you watch the episodes is this - where life is full of love and feelings, all they see are traitors. But are they really traitors or is it a result of the magnitude of the dilemma before them? Who would betray The Professor? While all are in pain, how would they handle “Days like this”?

Enough said…. It’s time to order food and continue with the story as it unfolds with more empathy, dialogues and truce. Find out if this season brings the grand finale or is it just the beginning? Let’s assume command, shall we?

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By Brinda Hora
Brinda Hora