Mona Singh & Vidyut Jamwal In Trouble

Mona Singh & Vidyut Jamwal In Trouble

The actress' MMS clip has allegedly been causing problems between her and Vidyut
Mona Singh & Vidyut Jamwal In Trouble

Mona Singh

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Sometimes, just one MMS clip can change a lot – even a four-year strong relationship! And this is just what seems to be happening with Vidyut Jamwal and Mona Singh. The recent MMS clip of an allagedly completely unclothed Mona has gone viral and she is doing her best to deal with it. She is adamant to go to court to prove that she is yet another victim of the morph trick. But buzz is that her boyfriend Vidyut is not so convinced.

People close to the couple say that there has been trouble in the relationship ever since the MMS clip hit the internet. Mona and Vidyut have apparently not been seeing each other so frequently of late. While on the one had Vidyut is thrilled with the praise he's been getting for 'Commando', he's reportedly in doubt about Mona. A friend insists, "Vidyut is a very straight guy. From what I hear he's just asked Mona to be honest with him. Whether it's really her or not in the clip, he wants her to tell him the truth"

This is definitely a trying time for Mona and we wish her luck!