Molecular Gastronomy at Tresind
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Molecular Gastronomy at Tresind

The restaurant gives Indian food a unique spin

Celebrating the success of Masala! Awards 2014, the team met at Tresind at Radisson Royal for what turned out to be an extraordinary dining experience

Molecular Gastronomy at Tresind

The Deconstructed Pani Puri

The Deconstructed Pani Puri: Our culinary adventure began with the deconstructed pani puri, a molecular take on one of India’s most popular street foods. Just when we were hoping round crisp puris with flavoured water to land on our plates, Chef Himanshu Saini surprised us with this tiny spoon with motley colours. However, a bite into this delicious snack, and we could savour the tangy and spicy flavours that make pani puri such a rage among Indians living in and outside of India.  

Molecular Gastronomy at Tresind

Chef Himanshu Saini prepares the chaat 

Modernist Chaat Trolley: Chef Saini went on to present what he called ‘the Modernist Chaat Trolley’.  We spotted dhokla dipped in liquid nitrogen some staple sauces like mint chutney, tamarind water and yoghurt, alongside some other snacks. In less than two minutes, Chef Saini blended all the ingredients and prepared what was, in Masala! Editor Kavita Srinivasan’s words, “the best chaat I have ever had”.  We couldn’t agree more.

Molecular Gastronomy at Tresind

Steamed sea bass

Steamed Sea Bass: Having won our vote of confidence with the deconstructed paani puri and modernist chaat trolley, the Chef proceeded to the next round of appetisers. The steamed sea bass was succulent and tender, and the flavours were not too overwhelming for our taste buds.

Molecular Gastronomy at Tresind

Patrani Charmoula

Patrani Charmoula: Patrani Machchi (fish steamed in banana leaf) is a staple in every Parsi household, while Charmoula is a marinade used often in Moroccan preparations.  What finally arrived on our tables was a marriage of the two styles of cooking in the form of a soup. Supple and flavourful, the Patrani Charmoula turned out to be one of the most tantalising dishes on the table. 

Molecular Gastronomy at Tresind

Bhaji Minestrone Soup

Bhaji Minestrone Soup: The vegetarians on the table also got their due with the Bhaji Minestrone Soup. This preparation borrows heavily from Pao Bhaji, a popular North Indian street food, but gives it a unique spin by turning it into a thick soup. The paos found a replacement in the crisp chilli cheese toasts that were served with the soup.

Molecular Gastronomy at Tresind

Braised lamb chops

Braised Lamb Chops: Preparations such as these often tend to be overly spicy. But the Chef was careful not to make the chops too spicy and yet flavours were not compromised. No wonder then the braised lamb chops got thumbs up from almost each member of Team Masala!

Molecular Gastronomy at Tresind

Cappuccino Candyfloss

Cappuccino Candyfloss: We gulped many a cup of coffee in the days leading up to Masala! Awards 2014. But what Chef Saini presented at the end of our hearty seven-course meal took us all by surprise.  The cappuccino candyfloss is made by blending coffee powder with Valrhona chocolate and cinnamon. This unique offering made for a great treat at the end of our meal.



A nine-course modernist menu priced at Dhs595 per person
*Reservations with advance payment on credit card

Food and beverages
Welcome drink – traditional Christmas mocktail/Mocktail with a twist
Tandoor starter
Cold starter
Hot starter
Main course and sides
After dessert

*Coupons for one drink at 12 am

DJ Andy/DJ Gavin
Surprise entertainment/ Belly dance

*The guests can see the fireworks of Burj Khalifa, Atlantis and  The World from the 42nd floor

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