Mohsin Abbas Haider Welcomes Baby Boy
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Mohsin Abbas Haider Welcomes Baby Boy

Actor-singer Mohsin Abbas Haider welcomes baby boy

There’s this stereotype that celebrities always live a happy and perfect life and they don’t have reasons to battle with depression or they don’t suffer. Recently Mohsin Abbas Haider was in the news for openly talking about his depression and how he has suffered during his depressive times. Famed Pakistani singer and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatima Naqvi are now parents to a baby boy and it is such good news after the singer’s depressive phase. Mohsin shared the news on social media by posting a status saying, “hey world get ready for some more madness Haidar Abbass Mohsin has arrived #ItsaBOY #ALHAMDOLLILAH”.

Upon receiving the news, the couple was showered by prayers and fellow friends from the industry congratulated him. The couple had their firstborn baby girl who unfortunately passed away shortly after birth. That phase was pretty upsetting for the couple and Mohsin went into depression after this tragedy. Mohsin started being vocal about his depression only after his daughter passed away. On 16 December 2017, he took over to facebook and shared that his 1-month-old daughter passed away. In an interview, Mohsin mentioned that it was due to an illness.

Mohsin and Fatima tied knots in 2015 in a private affair and ever since they got married, there were rumors that the couple parted their ways but Mohsin later cleared that the rumors were false and there’s nothing as what it appears in media. Mohsin is one of the few people in the film and music industry who are very vocal about mental health issues. Mohsin is currently busy shooting an Eid special drama, “Raja Ki Chandni” next to Kubra Khan, it will on the tv screens this Eid-ul-Fitr. He has also been busy with shooting a naat that’ll air soon. He will soonn be seen in the upcoming film "Baaji".

It’s sad how it is expected from the local celebrities to always be perfect and it is stereotyped that people from these industries live very happy and perfect lives and they have nothing to worry about. Kudos to Mohsin Abbas Haider for trying to break this stereotype and tell the world that celebrities suffer too. After losing celebrities like Chester Bennington, nobody can afford to lose the gems like Mohsin in the battle of depression. Its high time that depression should be taken as an illness and the stigma around it should help. Mohsin made an example of how there’s no shame in asking for or seeking help.