Mohsin Abbas Haider Case: Gohar Rasheed Says "I Saw The Medical Report"

Mohsin Abbas Haider Case: Gohar Rasheed Says "I Saw The Medical Report"

Mohsin Abbas Haider has been in the news for beating his wife and cheating on her. Gohar Rasheed, a prominent Pakistani actor, has claimed that he knew about the abuse that Mohsin was inflicting on Fatima Sohail because he spoke to her in November 2018

Mohsin Abbas Haider, the Pakistani television host and film actor-singer was accused of domestic violence and assault and adultery by his spouse, Fatema Sohail, in a now viral facebook post. Fatema alleged that Mohsin had beaten her up when she was three months pregnant. Many people from the industry had spoken up against domestic abuse and Dua Mallik, sister of filmstar Humaima Malik, had also said that she knew of this abuse. Gohar Rasheed, another television and film actor, took to Twitter to express his concern and validation for Fatima's statements.

Gohar then recently spoke to a media outlet verifying his story.

How Gohar Found Out About Mohsin Abbas Haider's Abuse:

Gohar Rasheed told the channel how, in November 2018, he had a friend who had taken Fatima to the hospital. "My friend asked me if I knew Mohsin. I told her yes I know Mohsin, the way we all do in the industry. We meet, we're acquaintances."

The Proof Gohar saw:

"So my mutual friend told me how Mohsin had tortured Fatima," Gohar stated. "So to verify, I asked my friend, out of curiosity what happened? As proof, my friend showed me pictures. I spoke to my Fatima myself. I had spoken to her in the hospital. My friend showed me the medical report as well."

The Medical Report:

Gohar said that he saw in the medical report, "Fall, twist of arm and trauma - it was all there in the medical report." Gohar went on to state that, "I believed Fatima, despite that he was a colleague, I was supporting Fatima."

Fatima also shared the medical report on her facebook page.

Why Didn't People Speak Up Sooner?

The anchor asked Gohar, where Fatima Sohail was also present in the show, that why didn't the people in the industry speak up sooner since they knew the nature of the abuse.

Gohar answered, "Thank you for asking this. Everyone needs to understand that Fatima was married and pregnant. Her thinking was that she wanted to save her marriage. She had had a child who had died. I swear I told her that you stand for this, I will support you. If you want to go out with it in public, I am like your brother, I will stand with you. She was in trauma, she was thinking of her child."

Fatima and Mohsin had had a baby girl named Mehveen who had passed away a few months after birth. "She said he is my son's father, so we all kept quiet. What if our emotional response would ruin her marriage?"

Mohsin Abbas Haider and Fatima Sohail have both spoken to the press recently each of them are standing by their claims whereas Mohsin says that there have been a lot of positive developments. Fatima has outrightly stated that she refuses to reconcile with her husband because she is afraid he will kill her. In the meanwhile, Fatima also alleged that Mohsin had cheated on her with Nazish Jahangir, a model-actor who also spoke on an instagram post that Fatima was her friend and that she refuses all the allegations against her. This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.

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