Mohanlal’s ‘Lucifer’: Six Reasons to Watch This Prithviraj Directed Film

Mohanlal’s ‘Lucifer’: Six Reasons to Watch This Prithviraj Directed Film

Prithviraj’s directorial debut starring Mohanlal, Manju Warrier and a host of other actors is one of the biggest Malayalam releases in recent times. Here’s why you should watch it

Lucifer is an upcoming film starring Mohanlal and it is directed by Prithviraj. Dubai was witness to a Malayalam movie star-party over the weekend, where “superstar” Mohanlal was glorified and celebrated for fronting his younger colleague Prithivraj’s directorial debut. Everyone who had signed up for the movie promotions - “new” director Prithvi, writer-and-actor Murali Gopy, co-actors Manju Warrier and Tovino Thomas, producer Antony Permavoor – were singing praises of the “superstar”. “There’s no one like him.” “I’m his biggest fan.” “I signed the movie only because he was in it”. “I wrote the movie with him in the lead”.

The trailer of ‘Lucifer’, which was played out on a big screen, only added to Mohanlal’s glorification. Every frame is an ode to Lal and his stardom, with his celebrated voice giving us a taste of what to expect. “It’s not a war between the good and the evil, but between evil and evil,” he announces. Now, with just a day away from the big unravel, we pick out SIX reasons why you should hit the theatres this weekend.


Dressed in pristine white mundu (traditional Malayalam attire) and shirt, Lucifer’s trailer captures Mohanlal in several slow-mo shots as a loud background score pumps up the fervor.

It’s the perfect setting for a celebration of sorts for his fans.

“When you design a large-scale, mainstream film with Mohanlal holding centrestage, as a director, we have to take into account the immense stardom that the man carries. You can’t be oblivious to it,” admits Prithvi.

“The story lends itself to the aura that Mohanlal carries. But there’s also a trap where you can fall into the abyss… by just catering to the stardom. So, the challenge for Murali was to create content that balances out that equation.”


It’s his directorial debut, and he’s leaving no stone unturned to ensure Lucifer is his magnum opus.

“When I had made the announcement for Lucifer, a lot of my well wishers had told me that it might not be a wise decision because it’s going to take almost eight months away from my acting career. But, I always wanted to do it, so took up the challenge. And, judging by the scale of the film I knew how big this was going to be. But quite pleasantly it wasn’t that tough,” Prithvi said.

Murali Gopy:

This multi-talented artist is renowned for his impeccable cinematic taste. For the purists, his stamp is enough to warrant a trip to the cinemas.

Not only has he written the story, he has also lent his voice to a soundtrack in the film.

Star-studded line-up:

If Mohanlal doesn’t make the cut, then don’t fret. Prithvi has lined up 26 actors, “and more” with some with impressive body of work themselves, to win you over.

There’s Manju Warrier, who seems to have found steady place in every MohanLal movie, and rising star Tovino Thomas to add punch to the drama.


Don’t know Malayalam? Don’t fret. Prithvi has taken all steps to ensure ‘Lucifer’ isn’t trapped within the Malayali border. It will release in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, with English subtitles thrown in for the “global audience”.

“The content of this film is cross-border. So it has appeal in all the four languages it has been dubbed into,” explains Murali.

The suspense:

During the entire evening, the star director and his team were busy dodging questions that may give away the “secret”. And, the trailer, itself promised there’s a lot of unravelling that was in store in the theatre.

In fact, both the writer and director admitted that they would’ve ideally done away with the promotions to keep the suspense intact. But given the circumstance attached to the movie business, they’ve managed to design an element of intrigue around their plot.

In fact, Prithvi reveals that “except for Mohanlal” none of his cast knew the full story. “They had blind faith in Murali and me.”

Lucifer releases in the UAE on Thursday, March 28. Watch the trailer here.