MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

Celebrity blogger MissMalini spills the beans on the hottest stars...

MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

A Big Hello...

...to all you lovely Masala! readers! For those of you who don’t know me, a quick intro: I’m MissMalini – a social media jedi who eats, breathes and sleeps Bollywood. I spend my days jetting from movie promotions to fashion weeks to the most fabulous page 3 parties around town – rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of B-town and bringing my readers the inside scoop on it all! #LivingTheDream. I’m super excited to be giving Masala! a glimpse into my life every week and look forward to taking you all on the journey that is my life!


Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya are television royalty and this season they are all set to slay on Nach Baliye. So when they came to hang with us this week we threw at them a unique dance challenge of our own – they had to do a dance version of charades. Too much fun! Although we ended up learning that neither Divyanka nor Vivek actually know how to dance! Yep, that’s right! Both these non-dancers are doing this JUST for their fans. When we asked them if they think their insane popularity will see them through, they were both very clear that that’s not the case. Divyanka even went on to say that if you don’t work hard enough “saare fans chale jaathe hain.” We asked Vivek which couple do they see as their biggest competition, and pat caame the reply – “all of them!” Good luck to the cutest couple of them all!


 MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

This week my team interviewed the always energetic “non-stop guy” (self-proclaimed, mind you), Baba Sehgal! Such a cool guy who totally lived up to our obsession with his rap songs, his twitter account, and everything else Baba! He told us that his idea for the “Chizza Rap” in fact came to him when he was in a KFC eating a Chilli Chizza. He found it so yum that he immediately decided to contact KFC to discuss a collaboration - and BOOM the “Chizza Rap” was born. When we asked him about all the trolls he faces on social media we were shocked at his response. He said, “I love being trolled actually” and went on to tell us that with trolling comes a lot of attention and, in turn, a huge fan following. He said he loves all his fans, trolls or not, and never deletes any comments on social media because it’s so sweet of people to take the time to write the comments in the first place. Talk about making the most out of any situation!


MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

The lovely Gauahar Khan is on her promotional tour for her upcoming movie with Vidya Balan, Begum Jaan. She came down to the MissMalini HQ to chill with us and we got her to answer some crazy fan questions! Did you know she’s BFF with Bani J? So, of course, we had to ask her why Bani has been MIA from social media of late. Gauahar said that every now and then everyone needs a little space and assured all of Bani’s anxious fans that Bani will be back soon. Aww! Also, remember Gauahar’s show “Khan Sisters” on UTV Stars? We’ve been eagerly waiting for season 2 to premiere and asked her when that’ll happen. Well, she revealed that the rights of the show are with UTV and, as is public knowledge, UTV isn’t doing too well right now. Hence, all’s in limbo at the moment. However, she did say that she’s open to doing a Gauhaur Khan show until then instead. Eagerly awaiting it! 

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