MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

Celebrity blogger MissMalini spills the beans on the hottest stars...
MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

A Big Hello...

...to all you lovely Masala! readers! For those of you who don’t know me, a quick intro: I’m MissMalini – a social media jedi who eats, breathes and sleeps Bollywood. I spend my days jetting from movie promotions to fashion weeks to the most fabulous page 3 parties around town – rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of B-town and bringing my readers the inside scoop on it all! #LivingTheDream. I’m super excited to be giving Masala! a glimpse into my life every week and look forward to taking you all on the journey that is my life!


Begum Jaan cast, Vidya Balan, Gauhar Khan, and Palavi Sharda also caught up with Team MissMalini last weekend and spoke at length about their upcoming flick. We asked Vidya Balan to react to some sexist questions that we get subjected to as women, and from her answers we could see she handles them like a total boss. For example, her answer to "How do you manage work and marriage together?" was "It's funny that my husband isn't asked these kinda questions; but that being said, let me remind you - my name is Vidya Balan, so I'm great at this work-life Balan-ce." (Haha, get it?!) This is why we love you Vidya - as usual, full of fire yet tremendously graceful! We also asked Gauhar Khan about how she reacts when she's told that she's “a great driver for a woman.” Her response? "I would totally punch that person's face for undermining my driving skills because I'm actually a great driver". More power to us women – not only do we kill it at driving but we can also knock a solid punch! #girlpower


Reggae legend Apache Indian visited the MissMalini HQ this week and had a fun chat with Team MissMalini. Born and bred in Birmingham, which has a massive hip hop community, he was heavily influenced by underground hip hop groups and slowly started to make the kind of music he listened to. (An influence that also prompted him to go from being Punjabi Steven Kapur to Apache Indian)! He told us that he tries to mix international music with western styles - which is why his songs always have a message or talk about relevant issues British Asian youth faced back in the day - i.e. arranged marriage (which is, in fact, the theme of one of his songs). Oh, and he also said he watches Bollywood movies whenever he can. Akshay Kumar is his favorite because "he's the coolest" and Mika Singh is the one Indian singer he'd love to collaborate with because he loves his music and thinks "the man is a talent powerhouse"! 


I also had a live chat with Rahul Bose ahead of the release of his film Poorna – the real life story of a 13-year old tribal girl who conquered Mount Everest. His pure passion for the project, and even more so his admiration towards the youngest girl in history to climb the daunting peak, was nothing short of contagious. Did you know that Rahul’s been working on gender issues for 14 years?! It’s amazing, isn’t it?! He’s a huge proponent of gender equality, a progressive role model that’s leading the way by example for future generations. My favorite thing he said? “When we do it right, we are just luminous as a country.” Jai Hind! 

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