MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

Celebrity blogger MissMalini spills the beans on the hottest stars...
MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

A Big Hello...

...to all you lovely Masala! readers! For those of you who don’t know me, a quick intro: I’m MissMalini – a social media jedi who eats, breathes and sleeps Bollywood. I spend my days jetting from movie promotions to fashion weeks to the most fabulous page 3 parties around town – rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of B-town and bringing my readers the inside scoop on it all! #LivingTheDream. I’m super excited to be giving Masala! a glimpse into my life every week and look forward to taking you all on the journey that is my life!


Manish Malhotra’s showcase of his Mijwan collection in collaboration with Shabana Azmi and Namrata Goyal was STUNNING. His pieces were straight out of a fairytale. As if that wasn’t enough, his show stoppers were none other than the gorgeous Anushka Sharma and  Shah Rukh Khan! He looked so cute in his Pathani suit and made one of the Mijwan girl's LIFE by saying she had better dimples than him! (Leave it to SRK, no?). Javed Akhtar added an ethereal element to the event when he recited some of his poetry. What a night!


This week I hosted a super fun video chat with the power women trio of Soha Ali Khan, Neha Dhupia and Deepika Padukone. I asked them how they deal with constant scrutiny from the press and Deepika said, "as long as I am centered in my head about who I am and why I'm there and what I need to do nothing shocks or surprises me anymore!" Soha also explained how she gained her confidence right from the beginning because, "when you come from a family where everyone is a superstar you have to fight for your opinion!" Neha Dhupia said she thinks while we are progressing forward as a country, we still have a long way to go – for example, with our pre-conceived notions about girls in short skirts. I love that she said, "people just need to calm down a little bit!" Seriously! 


My team and I kicked off our Fridays at Facebook with our first guest, Gaurav Kapur – who was just too hilarious! (Like when he said he can’t do a good Donald Trump impression because his hands were “just too big!”). He was also candid as ever, which is one of the reasons why I love him so much! He said that, “my whole life is about idolizing people that I can’t be,” and that was one of the driving forces behind his popular TV show Breakfast with Champions – because as much as he loves cricket he could never quite cut it as a cricketer. We even played a fun round of “never have I ever”, in which I learned that Gaurav has cried in public (albeit while watching a movie) and instead of praising a film that he didn’t like he plays it safe with a strong hug and a quick “congratulations” to the cast. A smart one, isn’t he? 


I also hosted a Facebook LIVE with Malaika Arora and we went SHOPPING! She shared some of her top tips for trendy dressing and showed us some of her favorite pieces from her own collection! So, what’s in right now? It’s all about ruffles, layering, and pockets on pockets on pockets! On tips to seamlessly transition from work to party wear, she said it all comes down to layering your clothes and throwing on some accessories and voila! And the universal rule of fashion? White always works, ALWAYS! 

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