MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!
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MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

Celebrity blogger MissMalini finds out your fave celebs Valentine's plans!

MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

2016 is officially being called the 'year of the break-ups' in Bollywood and if there's one thing I want for my beloved industry in 2017, it is for it to be the year of looouuve. And what better time to talk about love than February - it's St. Valentine month, after all! Anyone who knows me knows that if there's one quote I try to live by, it's my all time favourite Moulin Rouge mantra - "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return" and when you're as filmi as I am, love needs to be larger-than-life, over the top and absolutely fabulous. Why settle for anything less, amirite?

I've been in love with Aamir Khan since I was nine years old. In fact, when I met him I actually told him this. I think it made me feel rather old, but my love for you is forever, Aamir because aap purush nahi, mahaapurush hain mahapurush! I asked my team about their Bollywood crushes. Interestingly, my girls aren't easy to please. The men they like, they like for very particular reasons and boy oh boy, do they have needs!? Lol. My internal office survey tells me that Rahul Khanna is crush-worthy for his style while Ranveer Singh for his energy. Milind Soman makes us swoon because he's timeless and Varun Dhawan makes us blush because he's an absolute cutie. Who wins then? Shah Rukh Khan, of course. Why, you ask? Well, because he is Shah Rukh Khan. I remember when I'd met him during the promotional rounds of Fan, he looked so cute, I could barely focus! In fact, when I met him last week, I asked him if he has a fetish and he simply said "lying in bed, having chips and colas". You see why he is King Khan?

I asked some of my friends about their Valentine Day plans and from the looks of it, BTown is channeling work mode this February.


"I'm spending it with the team of Badrinath... And the dulhania."


MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

"This Valentine's Day I am, as usual, going to be weeping, depressed and suicidal about the sad, non-existent state of my love life. I will proceed to plunge further into despair by listening to Mariah Carey songs, watching Notting Hill and eating greasy chicken tikka rolls."


MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

"I'm starting to shoot a film so I'm going to have butterflies, actually elephants in my stomach... Valentines 'days' can be celebrated for the rest of the year... at least that's how I think it should be!"


MissMalini's Hottest Scoops From Bollywood!

"Lol... The single life ....I'll be promoting Begumjaan.... Trailer launch on 15th Feb so will be excited and nervous. Will be on a date with myself. Enjoying to the T"

Single, dating, married - whatever your relationship status is, have a great Valentine's day, y'all. Let there be love :)

Signing off until next week my dears, so stay tuned for an exclusive sneak peak into all things Bollywood! 

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