Missing Telugu Family Entertainers: Meka Srikanth

Missing Telugu Family Entertainers: Meka Srikanth

Meka Srikanth feels the focus now is just on churning out commercial films

Telugu star Meka Srikanth, known for working in successful family entertainers such as Pelli Sandadi and Vinodam, feels such films are not made any more in the industry and that he misses acting in them.

"We don't make family entertainers like directors EVV Satyanarayana and SV Krishna Reddy made many years ago. In fact, I feel we have stopped producing good family entertainers and are only focussing on churning out commercial films," Srikanth said.

He's worked in this genre with Satyanarayana and Krishna Reddy in films like Taali and Ooyala, respectively.

"I badly want to do such family films again. These films also have commercial elements such as comedy, romance and drama, but are backed by a clean presentation. These are the kind of films we need make again from a modern-day perspective," he said.

Does he think family entertainers will work in 2014? "There is no tested-and-proven trend in films to follow. Nobody can predict the outcome of a film, but one thing that I'm certain of is that audience is always hungry for good films. I feel it's the right time to make a family film because nobody has made one in a long time," he added.

He is currently awaiting the release of Telugu films Malligadu Marriage Bureau, Veta and Mondodu.

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