Mirza Zain Baig and Azekah Daniel’s Malaal E Yaar Ends On a Strong Note!
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Mirza Zain Baig and Azekah Daniel’s Malaal E Yaar Ends On a Strong Note!

In Malaal E Yaar, Mirza Zain Baig and Azekah Daniel’s Balaaj and Hooriya set couple goals as Balaaj supports Hooriya in avenging Samreen’s death

Airing twice a week since August, Malaal E Yaar finished strong at 54 episodes. While it must be said that Malaal E Yaar has been an over-the-top show with loud characters and situations, it has been a guilty pleasure of sorts for many viewers. Centered around the feudal system and two modern girls being thrown into this background, the show certainly kept viewers coming back for more with its spirited heroine and comically aggressive hero.

In the final episode, after Bibi Jaan’s (Seemi Pasha) death, Amber (Maryam Noor) has been admitted into an institution after losing her senses due to guilt. Hooriya (Azekah Daniel) discovers that Taaya Sarkar (Jahanzeb Gurchani) not only murdered Ghulam Deen’s son and daughter in law but was also behind her own mother Samreen’s murder. Shocked and angry, Hooriya reaches out to Balaaj (Mirza Zain Baig) to inform him of her steps – and he tells her that he will support any action she takes. Hooriya files an FIR against Taaya Sarkar with the help of the media and he is taken away to jail. Hooriya and Balaaj’s love and respect for each other is visible as the show ends and the family is seen together, bonding, as Balaaj passes the title of Malik Sarkar to Wajahat (Sohail Sameer).

The highlight of Malaal E Yaar has been Hooriya and Balaaj’s relationship. While Balaaj literally married Hooriya at gunpoint and brought her into his life as a possession, Hooriya held her own and stood up to Balaaj at every turn. Their relationship softened and turned into one of love as time passed and the two grew to understand one another. At the very end, Balaaj stands as a protective, loving, supportive husband to Hooriya, a woman who continues to be headstrong and fights against the tide. Mirza Zain Baig brings life and personality to the character of Balaaj, making him a character that’s initially both repulsive and hilarious at the same time with his “Sadqay” and “Full stop” dialogues. Balaaj is the character that sees the most character growth throughout the show, realizing his own hang-ups and flaws and molding himself to change – not only for Hooriya, but for himself. Meanwhile, Hooriya continues to be the headstrong girl she is, but once she accepts the reality of her situation, she begins softening towards her husband and, ultimately, finds herself in a loving, devoted marriage – a relationship for the books! Hum TV deserves some props, as does the entire Malaal E Yaar team, for how progressive and strong of a character Hooriya was from beginning to end and the genuine manner in which Balaaj mends his ways. In a way, the greater number of episodes were necessary for viewers to see Hooriya and Balaaj grow from bitter enemies into the beautiful, romantic couple they are.

That being said, there were negatives as well. The wedding drama with Faiq (Faraz Farooqui) and Minhal (Zainab Shabbir) was unnecessary and the show could have easily been 10 episodes shorter. While the show has not been perfect all-around, it thoroughly entertained viewers and left the audience with a love story to remember. This is a show that will be thoroughly missed as it became a Wednesday and Thursday ritual. Now all eyes are on Mirza Zain Baig and Azekah Daniel recast for another show!

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By Sophia Qureshi
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