Minissha's bikini troubles
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Minissha's bikini troubles

The actress threw a fit when asked to wear a two-piece for a shoot

Minissha Lamba needs to realise that a bikini is not for the faint-hearted! Unfortunately, her career has reached a stage where posing in a two-piece seems to generate some amount of publicity, just like it did with Kidnap. However, recently, Minissha apparently threw a fit during a magazine photo-shoot which required her to wear a bikini. She halted the shoot for almost two hours when she realised that the brief given to her was different from what was happening in the studios. Sadly, no changes were made even after she created a tantrum.

Our reliable source says, "Minissha had agreed to this shoot after a written brief was given to her by the magazine representatives. She liked it and gave her consent. However, on the day of the shoot, the drama began. She got ready for the shoot and began working on it but soon realised there was a change in the original concept sent to her. She wasn't very pleased with what was happening. All of a sudden, she lost her cool and refused to shoot. The magazine panicked and tried to convince Minissha who seemed very uncomfortable. She finally went ahead after a long conversation with the crew, in which they promised it would be done in good taste and she had nothing to worry about."

Poor Minissha can't afford to make big demands and changes like other Bollywood divas. After all she's still struggling hard to be a sexy commercial star when she's clearly too sweet to be one!

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