Minal Khan’s Hasad is All About Jealousy
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Minal Khan’s Hasad is All About Jealousy

Hasad has premiered and the drama has had an enjoyable start

Post-Eid, a slew of new shows began airing simultaneously on different channels. Which shows are worth watching? This is always the question viewers begin asking when several new shows release all at once. While 3 shows began on Monday, only one stood out as a quality show worth viewing. Hasad immediately grips the viewer with the way its been shot and the fresh pairing of Minal Khan and Shehroze Sabzwari. Produced by Fahad Mustafa’s production house, the show has its share of expectations attached to it.

Hasad, at the core of its writing, is a tale of jealousy and how intense jealousy can wreak havoc on lives. While the trailers of the show have given viewers a heavy, tragic feel, episode 1 treaded on a slightly more light-hearted path. 

Naintara (Minal Khan) and Armaan (Shehroze Sabzwari) are an incredibly happy couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary. They reside with Armaan’s mother Sadiqa (Saba Faisal), Armaan’s brother Farhan (Noor Hassan) and, the show’s “villain,” Farhan’s wife Zareen (Arij Fatyma.) Armaan is a loving, expressive husband who treats Naintara well and dotes on her. All eyes tend to be on this couple when they enter a room; however, as Sadiqa explains to Naintara, not every look is one of love and affection – “nazar” is prevalent and one should always conduct themselves in an acceptable manner outside of their private moments to avoid invoking the jealousy of others. 

Of course, Sadiqa’s warning is not unwarranted. In their very own home, Zareen is fuming, always watching Naintara with a look of jealousy. While Farhan is a good guy and shares a great relationship with his family members, he is a silent type that does not openly express his feelings.  This leaves Zareen wanting more, wanting something different – and when she sees Naintara and Armaan together, this want transforms into a self-destructive jealousy that will not only negatively affect Naintara’s life, but also her own.  In this first episode, we witness Zareen burning the money her mother-in-law gave for sadaqa. Zareen also does everything in her power to cause fights and disagreements between Naintara and Armaan. Armaan, however, seems all the wiser and is well aware of Zareen’s intentions.

Overall, the first episode of Hasad was enjoyable. Light-hearted, the most frustrating part of the show is knowing it will head down a darker, more tragic spiral soon enough. Off to a great start, Hasad promises to be a worthwhile show.

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By Sophia Qureshi
Pakistani Drama enthusiast, Bollywood fan, elementary school teacher, writer, reader, photographer, lifelong student and mother