Milind Soman’s Big Regret? Nobody Wants Him in Their Films!
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Milind Soman’s Big Regret? Nobody Wants Him in Their Films!

Milind Soman admits that offers are drying up for him in Bollywood

The man who makes most women's hearts go aflutter has a regret. He doesn't have the same effect on producers. Milind Soman has admitted that film offers are drying up for him because nobody wants to take him in their projects.

Milind thinks that filmmakers do not cast him more often in their films perhaps because he does not have a good network in mainstream Bollywood. “Nobody wants to cast me in films, yes that is true. I do not know why, but that is the reality," Milind told IANS.

"Once in a while, film offers come to me and I take up those. I am interested in performance though... I like acting. It is a well-paid job and according to some people, I am good at it," he added.

"I think people do not associate me with the mainstream... Only the urban people (maybe). I do not have friends and network with the commercial cinema world. In every business, the network is important," he explained.

Asked if there is any new filmmaker that he wishes to collaborate with, Milind said: "I do not know any of them. In fact, I do not watch films.

"Perhaps that is the potential reason why people do not cast me in films. I am one of those people who love to act in a film but does not want to watch it."

"I think in a year, I watch maximum three films, that too superhero movies," he told IANS.

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