Micro blogging, just for Big B

Micro blogging, just for Big B

Busy Bachchan writes from his mobile!
Micro blogging, just for Big B

After hosting Amitabh Bachchan's blog site, a social networking website has now introduced Micro blogging exclusively for its celebrated user. New technology enables the Bollywood icon to write brief text updates and publish them from anywhere anytime from his phone.

"Mobile blogging is available only to Amitabh Bachchan now. But we will soon make it available to other users so that everyone can be connected through faster and more convenient means," said Siddharth Roy, the chief operating officer of the website BigAdda.com.

Roy told IANS over phone from Mumbai that this new platform, a quicker and more convenient way of blogging, will help the superstar stay connected with his fans round the clock despite his hectic schedule.

Amitabh is certainly making the best of the new technology.

The Big B's first post through his phone was on June 13 and it was just four words long - "Hello I am back". Subsequently he has been blogging extensively - sometimes four times a day - writing just about everything.

"Finished rehearsals. Driving back," said one post. "Dinesh Karthik drops in on set to meet me. The other day (Vinod) Kambli and Nikhil Chopra came over. They and other cricket stars shoot next door. A delight to see them," said another.

"Bachchan is an active blogger who updates his blog everyday. And each of his blogs is widely read and responded to. Mobile blogging is simply going to help him blog anytime and from anywhere - updating his fans about such tiny details as going for an appointment to the dentist or shooting a song sequence," said Roy.

Amitabh's latest blog post at three minutes past five in the evening of June 23 was about the shoot for a song. The earlier post, at a quarter past 11 in the morning was an ecstatic him after an appointment with the dentist.

Micro blogging is yet to become popular and be introduced by all networking sites.

Also known as moblogging or mobile blogging, it allows users to publish entries directly to the web from a mobile phone or other mobile devices. With the help of a camera-enabled phone users can email photos and videos that appear as entries on the website.

There is, however, a word constraint. One can type posts of only about 160 characters while moblogging.

Although users can read and comment to this blog on the website only, Roy said they are working on taking this initiative forward so that one can read the blog on their phones and reply back subsequently.

Meanwhile, Amitabh Bachchan's AB Corp and Anil Ambani's Reliance Big Entertainment (RBE) have entered into a joint venture for film production.

Four directors Rohan Sippy, Sujoy Ghosh, Chandraprakash Dwivedi and Balki have been selected to kick start the joint venture of the two stalwarts from the entertainment and business field.

CEO of AB Corp P. Ramesh said: "We have entered into a deal in which we will be producing films with RBE. Four directors have been finalised to start our projects.

"Abhishek will be in Sippy's film while Big B will be part of Ghosh and Dwivedi's films. However, the father-son duo will together feature in R. Balakrishna's film."

Asked about the presence of Bachchan in other films, Ramesh said: "It will depend on the demand of the script."

As far as creative inputs, production management, finance and profit are concerned both the companies will share them equally, Ramesh said.

Both the companies are also planning to venture jointly for producing television content, but nothing is finalized yet, Ramesh added.

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