#Metoo: ‘Sacred Games 2’ May Be Dropped, Say Sources

Netflix India is taking no chances, it appears after the recent spate of sexual harassment allegations
#Metoo: ‘Sacred Games 2’ May Be Dropped, Say Sources
Varun Grover and still from 'Sacred Games'

One of the most surprising names that popped up in the ongoing #metoo movement in India is that of writer and stand-up comic Varun Grover. Best known for writing the sensitive and critically acclaimed Masaan and more recently, the much-talked about Netflix series Sacred Games, Varun was accused of sexual harassment by an anonymous woman. Varun, denied the allegations and issued a strong rebuttal.

He was supported in this by Anurag Kashayp, who directed Sacred Games. However, it seems the OTT platform, Netflix is not convinced. Word doing the rounds is that the hugely popular series, that was due for a comeback, is in jeopardy of being dropped after the sexual harassment charges hit home.

A report in Times Now says that Netflix India is apprehensive about going forward with the show because it has been co-written by Grover and they are worried about their image. Another report on in.com had a source saying, “At this time we are evaluating options on the path forward.”

There is a good chance that the platform might drop the series altogether. Another option that is being tossed around is to drop the writer, Varun. This follows the travails that Vikas Bahl is facing after facing sexual harassment charges. It is rumoured that his name would be dropped from the credits of Super 30, the film he is directing with Hrithik Roshan in the lead.

Is Neftlix India doing the right thing or is it a knee-jerk reaction to unsubstantiated allegations? Either way, if Sacred Games 2 does not air, it will be a huge loss to fans who were finally cheering about great original content being made in India.