#MeToo: Rebel Wilson Shares She was Harassed in Hollywood

#MeToo: Rebel Wilson Shares She was Harassed in Hollywood

Rebel Wilson revealed that she was also sexually harassed in Hollywood, however, she chose to never speak of it because she thought it would destroy the man’s life

Ever since the #MeToo movement kicked up in Hollywood – and across the world – many women have come out to name and shame their harassers. Harvey Weinstein is currently ongoing trial on charges of sexual misconduct and rape and now, Australian star Rebel Wilson – famous for her roles in Pitch Perfect and Isn’t It Romantic – has now opened up on her ordeal. Speaking at the Australian Open’s Inspirational Women lunch, the actress shared that she was sexually harassed while working in Hollywood. 
Rebel shared that she felt “weird” about publicly outing people because it would “destroy” their lives, reported The Daily Mail. She said, “I have obviously encountered instances of sexual harassment and I never actually publicly named the men involved. You have this weird feeling, but well technically, it wasn't that bad. Is it worth destroying people's lives over?” But this is not the first time she has spoken about any such incident. Once she had tweeted, “A male star, in a position of power, asked me to go into a room with him and then asked me to repeatedly do something that I was not comfortable doing all whilst his male friends tried to film the incident on their phones and laughed. I repeatedly said no and eventually got out of the room.”
Rebel also shared that she once had a stalker who planned to lock her on his farm, in hopes she could develop Stockholm Syndrome. She said, “He said he had made a bedroom for me at his farm and he was going to lock me in there, and I love grow to love him.” She added that the police had to remove him from the courts during her defamation action against Bauer Media. He had originally made his way into the Victorian courts in 2017, carrying flowers intended for the actress. The star chose to openly speak about these experiences at the event in hopes that it would inspire other women to speak up and advocate for themselves.

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