#MeToo: Meesha Shafi Speaks All, Here's Everything Meesha Shafi Said on Shahzeb Khanzada's Show
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#MeToo: Meesha Shafi Speaks All, Here's Everything Meesha Shafi Said on Shahzeb Khanzada's Show

Meesha Shafi has made her first television appearance about her allegation at Ali Zafar regarding the issue of sexual harassment against her

Meesha Shafi has made her first appearance on television about the #MeToo allegations against Ali Zafar since the allegations she leveled at the singer-actor in April 2018. Ali Zafar appeared on television a day ago outside Lahore Sessions Court (read our entire summary of the case here) and asked Meesha to face the courts. According to Meesha this incident happened in December 2017 for the first time and happened again. 

Meesha appeared on noted television anchor Shahzeb Khanzada's show and spoke up about the allegations. Here is a summary of what she spoke about to Shahzeb Khanzada.

1. Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar were under contract to perform together on a certain show.

2. Meesha and her husband had let an 'incident' go and had moved on from some inappropriate behavior that Ali Zafar had shown towards Meesha. Meesha initially said she decided to 'forgive and forget'.

3. Meesha had not planned to talk about this incident. 

4. A situation arose where Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi had to be in the same space together in a 'highly interactive' way. This is what lead Meesha to speak about this incident after a long time. 

5. Ali Zafar had said earlier that Meesha should have spoken to Ali Zafar's wife. Meesha had requested and messaged through PR experts that kindly ask Ali Zafar to step down because she cannot work with him. Ali Zafar had responded, said Meesha, that he wants Meesha to come to Ali Zafar's house. Meesha said that she could consider an apology but Ali Zafar changed his stance later.

6. Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar had gone to have a practise on Ali Zafar's property with Ali Zafar's team. Meesha said she did not know a lot of people in that team. 

7. Meesha Shafi says she has many witnesses against Ali Zafar. 

Watch the full interview here

As a result of this, Ali Zafar has said that Meesha has helped him win his case. He could possibly be referring to the court order that said that Meesha was not allowed to speak about this but she went on the show and talked about this.

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