Meray Paas Tum Ho, Episode 4:  Danish Breaks His Morals
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Meray Paas Tum Ho, Episode 4: Danish Breaks His Morals

In Hamayun Saeed’s “Meray Paas Tum Ho,” also starring Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddiqui, Danish begins taking large bribes to provide for his family

Meray Paas Tum Ho is a show with a lot of promise, a talented team of actors, a great writer and a great director.  With the best of the best, this show should be winning hearts and should be, well, perfect.  However, with only 4 episodes down, the dialogues and the happenings in each episode are beginning to get repetitive. In episode 4.  This isn’t right.  The pace of the episodes is sluggish with little of consequence happening in 4 episodes – and even if something does happen, like a fight, there’s a very low-energy feel to the entire show. 

Episode 4 begins with Danish arriving home after his fist-fight with the neighbor (over Mehwish).  This turns into a fight when Danish hints at it being her fault, riling up Mehwish to bring up the dancing situation with Shahwar again, defending herself from Danish and his words on her character.  In this scene, both these characters come across as highly immature.  Danish encourages Mehwish to attend Anoushey’s brother’s wedding without him, as he doesn’t want to be seen with his black eye and bruised face. 

In a refreshingly pleasant scene, Danish does end up attending the wedding, much to Mehwish’s surprise, and befriends Shahwar.  The “bro” chemistry between Hamayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui is very much apparent in this scene and their interaction is a pleasure to watch.  Even regarding the characters themselves, it’s nice to see Danish putting aside his unnecessary insecurities (at least to his knowledge) and being open to making new friends.  Shahwar invites the two over for dinner, insisting, and Danish finally agrees to come in two days.  Later, Shahwar calls the house and speaks to Mehwish, insinuating interest with the guise of being a gentleman. 

Danish is offered a bribe of 10 lakh at work and is told to take the money home to think about it for a day or two.  Danish understands the weight of this decision – taking the money goes against his morals and those that he was taught by his father.  However, he also believes that he will never be able to afford the fine things in life or even the necessities if he does not venture on this path.  He discusses the situation with Mehwish, his emotional turmoil visible, but ultimately decides to take the bribe. 

In episode 3, viewers watched Danish “move up” in his career, finally “kicking his Abba in his grave” to progress in life by taking bribes and looking the other way at work.  However, in episode 4, it seems as though the show has hit the rewind button and viewers are being treated to scenarios once again that have already happened?  While Danish tells Shahwar in the wedding that he has never taken a bribe, isn’t this exactly what he started doing last week when he was finally able to afford Mehwish’s necklace – and then able to pay off the loan to Anoushey?  He has already “kicked Abba in his grave” previously, so why is he kicking him yet again?  Likewise, at the beginning of episode 4, Danish is seen once again brooding over the wedding incident and the incident with the neighbor, making backhanded remarks about Mehwish by stating what the neighbor conveyed about her.  This scene feels repetitive with the exact same argument occurring, going in circles with Mehwish once again defending her actions regarding dancing with Shahwar and her decision to sit in a car with the neighbor.  In moments like this, the cracks can be seen in Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar’s dialogues, feeling unnecessarily heavy in a moment where poetic, “deep” dialogues are simply not necessary!  Also, there’s the situation of Rumi’s school – why are material items important, but there’s no talk of finally sending their child to school?  One hopes that the show picks up in writing in the next couple of episodes, otherwise it will be difficult to keep viewers intrigued. 

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