Mera Rab Waaris, Episode 32:  Faizi’s Secret Is Revealed
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Mera Rab Waaris, Episode 32: Faizi’s Secret Is Revealed

“Mera Rab Waaris” continues to move along with Nimra discovering Faizi’s feelings for Aisha this week

Some shows are carried not only by their “good” characters, but also by the charisma of the actors that play these characters.  In the case of Haaris and Aisha, Danish Taimoor and Madiha Imam are playing these two characters with such sincerity that viewers forget that they are watching actors on screen.  Essentially a show about religion, religious peace and the path that God paves for human beings, “Mera Rab Waaris” depicts a story about the pious vs. the unreligious without coming off as preachy and nagging.  While the lead female character of Aisha is religious, she marries into a non-practicing household, one that antagonizes Aisha over her ways.  In a way, the show can be described as a “good vs. evil” story, mainly between Durdana, Aisha, Mazhar and Kinzi – with Aisha being the good and the remaining 3 being the evil.

Aisha (Madiha Imam) and Haaris (Danish Taimoor) continue to misunderstand each other, both angry with the other for their part in the argument.  While Aisha does not trust Haaris after his lies regarding Ayla (Shameen Khan), Haaris is angry with Aisha for believing the worst in him.  While Durdana (Seemi Pasha), Haaris’ mother, does her best to extend this argument and instigate further misunderstandings, Haaris and Aisha talk it out and reconcile.  Durdana points out to Aisha that Haaris will continue to meet Ayla, to which Aisha responds that she is aware of that and she doesn’t mind as long as he’s honest with her, clarifying that Haaris was only dishonest with her once, that too on Durdana’s insistence.  Aisha makes it clear that she will not stand for meddling in her marriage.

Nimra (Anumta Qureshi) plays the dutiful daughter-in-law and wife, going out of her way to please both her husband and her mother-in-law, Naheed (Nida Mumtaz).  While Nimra does her best to mold into her new household, winning over her new family with her kind heart, Durdana (Seemi Pasha), her mother, visits and overhears a conversation between Nimra and Naheed and misunderstands.  She believes that Nimra is being mistreated and invites Faizi (Mirza Zain Baig) over only to insult him and remind him of his “class” in front of Aisha, something she vocally disapproves of.  In anger, Faizi goes home and informs Nimra that if she’s so unhappy, she is welcome to leave.  Nimra explains and diffuses the situation.  However, Kinzi (Hira Hussain) and Mazhar (Tipu Sharif) fill Nimra’s ears with the “truth” about Aisha and Faizi’s relationship and their past “affair.”  Nimra is broken-hearted and sets out to confront Faizi.

Many shows deal with negative characters.  What’s a good conflict without a “bad guy,” right?  In the case of “Mera Rab Waaris,” there are too many bad guys.  It’s not so much a story with bad guys, rather it’s a story with an entirely bad family.  While the lead pairing of Haaris and Aisha are two characters pure of heart, it seems that everyone else around them is programmed to be scheming, lying, vindictive individuals that live to create problems in the lives of others.  What is a positive with this show is that Haaris and Aisha are not blind to these issues and not only confront the behavior head-on, but also discuss the issues with one another, not allowing misunderstandings to come between them.  This is what makes “Mera Rab Waaris” so watchable and allows for viewers to look forward to each episode.