Mein Na Janoo, Episode 8:  Nehat Takes a Drastic Step
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Mein Na Janoo, Episode 8: Nehat Takes a Drastic Step

This Affan Waheed and Zahid Ahmed show takes an exciting turn when Nehat snaps at his own wedding

In the weeks leading up to this episode of Mein Na Janoo, viewers have seen the complicated family set-up that Saira (Sanam Jung) lives in.  With a downtrodden mother, mistreated due to her past deeds, Saira lives in a household where she is constantly compared to her mother, expected to cause trouble at some point.  When Zulqarnain (Zahid Ahmed) and Nehat (Affan Waheed), both her cousins, fall for her and send their respective proposals, all eyes turn towards Saira for “leading on” these men.  Rejecting Nehat’s proposal, despite the two being in love, Saira sacrifices her love for her sister, Kiran (Komal Aziz).  And while the episodes have been building up to tell an interesting story, they have been fairly slow-paced.  However, with the latest episode, the on-screen happenings take an exciting turn.

Saira continues to reassure Kiran that she does not have feelings for Nehat.  While Saira’s behavior is absolutely foolish, viewers can understand it on a level – other than the part about lying to her sister, who is well-intentioned and willing to help her.  Saira meets with Nehat and makes him swear on his love for her that he will forget her and marry Kiran.  Bound by this promise, Nehat agrees.  While Nehat goes through the motions, he is miserable throughout the days leading up to and at the wedding event.  Zulqarnain is unable to resist gloating, happy that he will be the one to ultimately win Saira’s affections and marry her.  He casually goads Nehat by saying if he were in Nehat’s place, he would fight for his love.  Nehat, in an emotionally moment and extremely burdened by stress, snaps in a way unexpected not only by his family, but also surprising to viewers.  Nehat steals a guard’s gun and holds Saira at gunpoint, threatening the family to stay back.  The entire family fearfully watches on as Nehat takes Saira away at gunpoint.  Once in a car, Nehat and Saira fight, Saira telling Nehat that she wants to go back.  Nehat angrily tells her that he has done everything for her and her love, angry that she is not cooperating and isn’t fighting to be with him.  Back at the house, the family worries for both Saira and Nehat while Zulqarnain expresses his helplessness as he could not defend Saira due to his lack of sight.

This latest episode of  Mein Na Janoo  brings about an interesting twist in the tale.  Affan Waheed is the star of this episode, carrying the story in a way where the episode rests mainly on his shoulders and allows for him to display many different emotions.  "Live wire" Nehat is an interesting twist to the character and it serves to paint Nehat in a different light, especially  with a family that has villainized Saira and put Nehat on a pedestal.  Nehat’s actions have put several relationships into a questionable place.  Will Zulqarnain still want to marry Saira – and will her marred reputation be the reason she finally agrees?  Will Kiran still want to marry Nehat (logically, why would she?)?  What will Waleed do when his daughter, Saira, does return (as we know she will)?  And will the family continue to blame Saira even after this scenario?  How will Nehat be affected by this and will his reputation within the family suffer?  Or will Nehat actually succeed and force Saira to marry him before heading back home?  It’s an interesting twist and as viewers don’t really know how it will turn out, the next episode will be an interesting one to watch.