Mein Na Janoo, Episode 4: Zahid Ahmed’s Moment to Shine

Mein Na Janoo, Episode 4: Zahid Ahmed’s Moment to Shine

In Hum TV’s star-studded show, Zahid Ahmed’s character rules this episode as Zulqarnain, a blind ex-air force pilot
Mein Na Janoo, Episode 4:  Zahid Ahmed’s Moment to Shine
Mein Na Janoo

Mein Na Janoo” is a show with many popular faces, headlined by Zahid Ahmed, Sanam Jung and Affan Waheed.  A love triangle, this story is different in that each character has many layers, come with their own share of baggage and insecurities.  No one character can be termed “good” or “bad,” rather they have been written with very “human” traits.  While Zahid Ahmed plays an air force pilot forced into retirement after losing his eyesight, Sanam Jung plays the isolated, shunned daughter of a labeled woman, while Affan Waheed plays a lovable family man with shades of stubbornness and arrogance that will go on to take a very negative turn. 

Up until now, viewers have seen that both Nehat (Affan Waheed) and Zulqarnain (Zahid Ahmed) want to marry Saira (Sanam Jung), a cousin of both.  While Nehat and Saira have been in a relationship for some time and both have the desire to share their lives together, Zulqarnain silently pines for Saira, feeling that she’s the only one who understands him and doesn’t see him differently despite his handicap – a handicap Nain does his best to overcompensate for. 

In episode 4, Zulqarnain visits his grandmother and discusses his relationship with Saira, hoping to understand the reason for the rejection.  She explains that his handicap is a large one and the family will never agree.  On his encouragement, Nain’s mother (Seemi Pasha) formally brings Nain’s Rishta over for Saira when Saira’s father is present, almost begging for Saira’s hand for her son.  Saira’s father (played by Waseem Abbas), despite his disdain for his first wife, does his best to be there for his daughter and protect her.  He states that he cannot accept this Rishta for his daughter, because he cannot pretend Nain isn’t blind – a handicap that would affect his daughter down the road in a marriage.  Despite his love for Nain, he tells his mother that he needs time to think, hoping to let her down gently later.  Knowing the fate of this proposal, Nain’s mother goes home with a heavy heart, only to be greeted by Nain in the driveway.  He asks for details of the meeting and takes only the positive, hoping to be able to sway the family into agreeing.  Saira is depressed about the state of her life, her inability to openly reject or accept relationships based on her standing in the home and worries that her father will accept Nain’s proposal without consulting her.  Her father discusses the situation with her and assures her that he will not do anything that makes her unhappy.  Nain visits the house again after Saira refuses to take his calls and tells Saira that he only wants her happiness and does not want her to be forced into marrying him.  Hearing this, Saira’s heart softens.  On the other end, Nehat (Affan Waheed) continues to fight his mother on her rejection of Saira, stubborn in his affections towards her.

Mein Na Janoo is not a particularly fast-paced story and has taken four episodes to convey a simple idea that two boys are in love with one girl and that this girl’s standing in society is questionable.  However, though the story is simple, the performances truly do elevate the show and make it a pleasing viewing experience.  This episode is focused on Zulqarnain and his devotion towards making Saira his life partner – and this track really allows Zahid to shine as an actor.  Known for always playing great roles, Zahid Ahmed currently has two shows running and they are both great shows (Ishq Zahe Naseeb and Mein Na Janoo), but it’s impressive to see how he always strives to do something he hasn’t done before.  It will be interesting to see how the show progresses from this point on.