Mein Na Janoo, Episode 3:  The Story Begins to Progress
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Mein Na Janoo, Episode 3: The Story Begins to Progress

In Sanam Jung’s “Mein Na Janoo,” her character Saira continues to play the role of sacrificial lamb for “respect.”

While Mein Na Janoo is slow in pace and continues to take its time to reveal essential aspects of the storyline, the show is an interesting one. Yes, a part of the interest lies in the casting with 3 of Pakistan’s big stars headlining the show: Sanam Jung, Zahid Ahmed and Affan Waheed.  But the storyline is also promising. While Sanam Jung, as Saira, seems to pick up a role similar to her past bechaari roles, the male actors have roles that seem challenging for them as actors. While Zahid plays the blind yet mildly arrogant and stubborn Zulqarnain, Affan plays Nehat, a balanced man that cracks and falls into a psychotic rage with dire consequences. 

At present, what we know of the story is straightforward:  Zulqarnain, Saira and Nehat are all cousins. Both Zulqarnain and Nehat want to marry Saira – and while Nehat and Saira like each other, Saira is unaware of Zulqarnain’s feelings for her as she sees him as her friend and supporter.  Saira’s mother, Farah (Huma Nawab) married her husband (Wasim Abbas) and then, somehow, fell from grace.  As the family talks about her in regards to lack of morals, one can only guess as to what transpired.  This arc is important as this is why both Farah and Saira are not respected in the household and are treated with contempt. 

In episode 3, Saira’s father (Waseem Abbas) gives Saira permission to continue her education.  Saira visits Zulqarnain and they discuss her future, as well as her emotional state.  While Saira is not romantically interested in Zulqarnain, it’s clear that in her innocence, she does not realize Nain’s flirtatious banter and his open interest in her. 

Nehat’s mother storms into the house fuming over Nehat’s desire to marry Saira.  In her anger, she ruffles Saira’s father, as he does not like to see his daughter disrespected.  Nehat’s mother continues her accusations as she wants Nehat to marry Kiran (Komal Aziz), Saira’s half-sister.  When Saira returns home, her father asks her outright whether she likes Nehat and wishes to marry him.  With the family gathered around, Saira cracks under pressure and says that she does not like Nehat, nor does she desire to marry him.  However, Kiran later hears Saira break down in front of Farah and her anger towards Saira persists.  Saira later tells Nehat that their marriage isn’t possible, but it’s evident that Nehat will not let this go so easily.

While the episodes of Mein Na Janoo have not been particularly action-packed, the story is picking up nicely now with some emotion-heavy episodes coming up in the next few weeks.  Zahid Ahmed as Zulqarnain is stealing the show at the moment, portraying his role with an endearing quality.  While Zulqarnain has an air of overconfidence, ego and stubbornness, he’s a lovable character that is enjoyable to watch.  It will be interesting to see how Nehat’s loss of Saira will push him to the edge and cause him to snap.  This show has a lot of promise and time will tell if it’s able to live up to it.  

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By Sophia Qureshi
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