Mehwish Hayat Giving 'Raunaq-e-Ashiqui' Vibes While Enjoying Karachi Rain

Mehwish Hayat Giving 'Raunaq-e-Ashiqui' Vibes While Enjoying Karachi Rain

Mehwish Hayat is one of the top actresses of Pakistan and has proved her calibre in various projects. However, deep down she is just a little girl dancing in the rain
Mehwish Hayat Giving 'Raunaq-e-Ashiqui' Vibes While Enjoying Karachi Rain
Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is one of those few Pakistani actresses who have proved their mettle in the film and television industries alike. While Pakistani actors are mostly criticized for playing television techniques even in the films, Mehwish Hayat has won the hearts of critics and film fans for being aware of what makes the film different from drama. Of the Pakistani films that did well on the box office, Mehwish Hayat has given some promising films. Her films ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’ and ‘Load Wedding’ not only did well on the box office but were also appreciated by the film critics.

Apart from winning various awards, Mehwish Hayat has also won Pakistan’s most prestigious award ‘Pride of Performance’ in the year 2019. Despite all these accomplishments and achievements, Mehwish Hayat is still that little girl who loves dancing in the rain. She recently posted a picture on her official Instagram where she can be seen enjoying Karachi rain at its fullest.

Karachi aur Baaaaarish !!! #MehwishHayat #khi #raintoday’

Social media users, which also included celebrities like Azfar Rehman, commented on this happy picture.

wo wo wo ma willlld child

This picture reminded the social media users of her stellar performance in the song Raunaq-e-Ashiqui for the film Punjab Nahi Jaungi. In Raunaq-e Ashiqui, Mehwish Hayat was seeing rejoicing in the rain. According to BBC  journalist Haroon Rashid, ‘Please tell me you played Raunaq-e-Ashiqui on a speaker while doing this.’ To this Mehwish Hayat, merrily replied that she did and performed similar steps. According to another social media user, ‘I can only see Raunaq e Aashiqui playing and cutee mehwish dancing!!!!!Although she is wearing casual black athleisure, Mehwish Hayat is still giving strong ‘Raunaq-e-Ashiqui’ vibes to the people who have listened to and loved the melodious song.