'Mehrunissa' Reunites Big B, Rishi Kapoor After 22 years
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'Mehrunissa' Reunites Big B, Rishi Kapoor After 22 years

The two veteran actors play friends who are in love with the same girl!

They were part of the cast of 'Delhi-6' however, the duo didn't have any scenes together. But Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor will face each other on the big screen after 22 years to play friends, who have not spoken to each another for 25 years, in Sudhir Mishra's 'Mehrunissa'.

They duo, who were last seen together in Shashi Kapoor-directed 1991 film 'Ajooba' will go through a period of rehearsals and workshops to play two hostile friends in Mishra's film. According to a source close to the project: "The two friends, one a Muslim and the other a Hindu, fell out because they were both in love with the same girl. Now 25 years later, they will confront each other."

Mishra wants the two actors to get comfortable being uncomfortable with one another. Bachchan saab and Rishiji have to project the friction of two people, two friends who know one another so well that they can remain bonded even without talking for so many years," added the source.

Chitrangda Singh plays the girl they both love. But most of her scenes would be with the actors who play the young Big B and Rishi.

Mishra will begin shooting the film in September in a start to finish schedule in Lucknow.

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