Meherposh Episode 3:  Noman Divorces Mehru On Their Wedding Night
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Meherposh Episode 3: Noman Divorces Mehru On Their Wedding Night

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor star in Har Pal Geo’s “Meherposh,” a show where the husband-wife duo play acquaintances that are thrown together when society questions their relationship

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“Meherposh” stars Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor in lead roles, telling the story of Mehru and how Shahjahan’s one unintentional blunder ruins Mehru’s life.  We last saw that Mehru and Noman got married.  In episode 3, Mehru (Ayeza Khan) and Noman (Ali Abbas) are now married.  But after Shah Jahan (Danish Taimoor) and his friends “harmless” teasing and the ensuing fuss created by Shakeela (Iffat Rahim), Noman now believes Mehru is a characterless woman.  While Shakeela continues to encourage Noman’s madness in a way that makes her seem innocent, Suraiyya (Ismat Zaidi) is on to her.  Suraiyya chides Noman for his words against Mehru and begs him to listen to reason and accept his new, pure, innocent wife.  Noman, after much convincing, heads into the room and finds Mehru on the phone with Shahjahan, not willing to listen to Mehru’s explanations of her father being in the hospital.  In an intense scene, in which both Ali Abbas and Ayeza Khan act phenomenally, Noman divorces Mehru after labeling her as a characterless woman with many boyfriends.  While Suraiyya tries to defend Mehru, it’s too late and Mehru prepares to leave for her parents’ home.

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On the other end, Nusrat (Sania Saeed) and Jahanzeb (Rehan Sheikh) discuss Mehru’s wedding and Jahanzeb recovers from his hospital visit for high blood pressure.  The two – and Aayat (Zainab Shabbir) are unaware of the drama unfolding at Mehru’s new “home” and are seen getting ready to take breakfast for the newlyweds.  Shahjahan is also seen getting ready to help the family in their preparations.  All these actors are just doing a phenomenal job, even when temporarily sidelined.  Sania Saeed, Rehan Sheikh and Danish Taimoor are all playing such lovable, likable characters that they bring a smile to the face when they appear on screen.

The highlight of this episode is the scene between Mehru and Noman.  Ali Abbas is in full form as Noman absolutely loses his senses and is on full display as a suspicious, accusing, unstable man.  Viewers can actually feel Noman’s anger through Ali’s performance.  Ayeza Khan is no less as Mehru, displaying Mehru’s shock and confusion while hearing Noman’s bombardment of accusations.  The two actors play off each other convincingly and make the scene feel real.  The tension can practically be felt coming out of the screen.

There’s an interesting scene between Shakeela and Waqas (Syed Arez) where Waqas listens to Shakeela as she confesses to destroying Mehru’s life.  When Waqas asks her to change and mend her ways, she states that life has made her too bitter and now she finds pleasure in the unhappiness of others.  It’s rare that we see characters admit their own flaws in dramas and, in a way, it makes Shakeela mildly “understandable” (though she’s terrible, whichever way you spin it).  She’s a character that has been through immense pain herself and so she lashes out to get personal validation by causing others the same pain.  Iffat Rahim is acting really well in this show so far and while Shakeela is a terrible human being, she is a layered character.

Overall, episode 3 is an eventful episode and the next one will be as well with Mehru’s family finding out about the divorce.  The show is taking off running, but will it be able to maintain its pace once Mehru returns home?

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