Meher Posh Episode 2:  Mehru and Noman’s Wedding Takes Place
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Meher Posh Episode 2: Mehru and Noman’s Wedding Takes Place

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor’s “Meher Posh” continues on a strong note as Mehru and Noman’s wedding takes place – but a misunderstanding occurs due to Shah Jahaan’s foolishness

“Meher Posh” continues its initial strong run.  Directed by Mazhar Moin, the show has been written by Misbah Nosheen and produced by 7th Sky Entertainment. Ayeza Khan, Danish Taimoor, Ali Abbas, Sania Saeed and Rehan Sheikh headline the show with several other strong performers and, so far, the show is very promising with a solid pace and interesting story.  In episode one, we saw that Mehru and Noman are set to get married; but Shah Jahaan, the neighborhood boy, also has a soft spot for Mehru, though he isn’t verbal about it.

In episode two, Noman (Ali Abbas) and his mother, Sakina (Ismat Zaidi), stumble across Mehru (Ayeza Khan) and Nusrat (Sania Saeed) at the mall.  True to his suspicious nature, Noman wonders about Shah Jahaan’s (Danish Taimoor) presence – even after Nusrat clarifies that he’s there to help with taking their packages home.  It’s clear though that Mehru and Noman are taken with each other and are looking forward to spending their lives together.  As the preparations continue, Nusrat, Jahanzeb (Rehan Sheikh), Ayaat (Zainab Shabir) and Mehru show how tightly knit their relationship is as a family, supporting each other through their emotions and the wedding preparations.  This family is the highlight of the show, their sweet interactions and natural performances making viewers believe they truly are the loving family they are portraying on-screen.  Meanwhile, Shah Jahaan continues to be the good Samaritan and clean-hearted soul he is, helping happily with the wedding preparations despite having feelings for Mehru.  Shah Jahaan is a cute character in the sense that he’s not a brooding lover or one who is heartbroken.  Despite loving Mehru from afar, he has never expected to “get” her and, therefore, has been content with whatever small, civil interactions she would indulge him in and has been respectful towards her throughout.  This is what makes him likeable, despite the trouble he goes on to create for Mehru unintentionally.

While Shah Jahaan is not upset over the events, his friends tease him relentlessly over the “loss of his love” and it becomes a joke amongst them all despite Shah Jahaan warning them.  At the wedding, the boys tease him again and he plays along, reciting “filmi” dialogues and pretending to be heartbroken.  While it’s all done in good fun amongst friends, trouble-making Shakeela (Iffat Rahim) overhears it and drags Noman to witness the spectacle as well.  Noman is now convinced that Mehru and Shah Jahaan were involved and, while Sakina convinces him to take Mehru home and stop suspecting her, he tells Sakina he will not spend any time with Mehru once they are home.  This spells trouble for Mehru beginning immediately on her wedding night due to no fault of her own.

While I don’t particularly think there’s a “lesson” to be learned here from this show, I think there’s a very big take-away.  If a man says he wants a woman who will be “only his” and makes statements about her not having any kind of past, this should serve as a red flag to parents arranging marriages for their sons, should be a red flag for girls getting married who hear these sorts of statements from their to-be partners and should be a red flag for parents marrying their daughters off to such men.  A suspicious nature is very difficult to change and such men not only make life miserable for their spouses, but also everyone around them.  The character of Noman is not an unrealistic character.  He is that man who expects to have lived his life the way he wanted to and yet, when it’s time to get married, he expects his wife to be a clean slate, a woman who has experienced nothing in life and exists only to love him.

“Mehar Posh” is a strong show so far with really lovable characters that just draw viewers into the drama immediately.  The chaos that is about to fall on Mehru due to Shah Jahaan’s foolishness is not unbelievable and Noman’s reaction doesn’t come across as anything that couldn’t happen and this is what makes the show intriguing.  It also helps that Mehru is likable and the audience wants happiness, not only for her, but for Shah Jahaan as well.  Good, kind, but strong characters are what we need to see as a society and so far, the show is delivering.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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