Meghan Markle's Struggles as a Royal
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Meghan Markle's Struggles as a Royal

Meghan Markle's life in the palace is not all rainbows and unicorns

Meghan Markle has always led a strong and independent life. Coming from a split and biracial family, life was never rainbows and unicorns for her. Apart from being a well-known actor, Meghan Markle has also been vocal about world politics and the disparities in it. She also spoke on the United Nations forums. Before getting married into the illustrious British Royal family, Meghan Markle had her blog ‘The Tig’ and was very active on social media platforms. Meghan Markle was a person of her own even before meeting Prince Harry. This is why when she was referred to as ‘Prince Harry’s girlfriend’ in an interview, Priyanka Chopra corrected, ’you mean Meghan Markle, the ‘Suits’ actor.’

The British royal family is one of the most glamorous families in the world. They say Buckingham Palace is the most privileged address of the world. We expect the life of the royals to be a fairy tale. However, the real world and life function differently. Due to their strict rules and protocols, being a member of the royal family also becomes taxing for the existing members. Thins are even more difficult when you are an outsider and especially a person of your own.

When Meghan Markle got engaged to Prince Harry, she had to delete her social media accounts and her famous blog right away. She had to give up on her flourishing acting career and move to the alien British land adopting a lifestyle that seems attractive only from a distance. She had to follow a strict dress code which even prohibited her from having red nails. Once vocal Meghan Markle now comes under fire for even appreciating Irish abortion laws. Such a situation is not only difficult but also frustrating. Not only this, she has constantly been in the news for all the wrong reasons with the title ‘Duchess difficult.’ Her rumored feud with Kate Middleton and constant struggle with her own family feuds are always in press.

Meghan tries to break away from the royal protocol by taking baby steps like wearing black nail color to British Fashion Awards and not appearing before the press right after the birth of her son. Hence, the press also keeps coming up with rumors like the royal couple planning to get away from Britain and begin a new life in America or Africa. The same Meghan Markle, who was once pictured outside Kensington Palace at the age of 12, is today living the life she once fancied. However, the grass is greener from the other side of the fence. Royal life comes with its set of challenges that Meghan Markle has to abide by.