Meghan Markle Has a Heart of Gold. This is Why

Meghan Markle Has a Heart of Gold. This is Why

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, loves charity and this time she's lauding a charity event as well.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, loves charity and being a part of charity events. She launched The Smart Set Capsule collection of workwear essentials with leading UK brands like Marks & Spencer, Jigsaw, Misha Nonooo, and John Lewis. The organization works towards training and preparing unemployed women to launch a career. The idea of this collection came to Meghan Markle when she noticed that the clothing donated to the charity consisted of mismatched items that could not help the women with job interviews. Hence the patron Meghan Markle decided to collaborate with the famous designers and create a collection that gave smarter workwear options.

Meghan Markle recently took Instagram to announce the success of this collection which achieved the landmark of dressing their 200th client. In a brief period of two months, more than 10,000 items of this clothing were purchased.  The congratulatory message said,

‘Congratulations to @smartworkscharity who just yesterday, dressed their 200th client with items from #TheSmartSet! In September, this two week campaign launched and because of YOU and your commitment to giving back to the community, over 10,000+ items were purchased.’ The message also explained the 1:1 business model this collection works on.

‘Using the 1:1 model, your contribution made a direct impact for Smart Works and the women mobilising back into the workforce. For every item you purchased, one was donated! You made this happen, and we are so thrilled to see you step up and be part of another woman’s success story. Your active generosity will give the women of Smart Works the tools and confidence boost they so deserve, accompanied by the valuable interview prep, guidance and mentorship Smart Works provides. Thank you for your support, and well done for being a part of this success story! Thanks to all who played a part in this special project!’

With the same post, there was a picture of Meghan Markle and The Smart Works clients during the shoot for this campaign. The second picture was of Smart Works women styled for their job interviews.

Meghan Markle is the patron for The Smartworks Charity. The project is close to Meghan Markle's heart as launching this campaign was the first official engagement she undertook after her maternity leave. Meghan Markle dressed in a white shirt and dark trousers from the same collection proving how important it was for her to be a part of it. Meghan Markle also delivered an inspiring speech at the occasion explaining her personal experience with the job hunt.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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